Sunday, July 17, 2011

Speed up yours internet connection

Change  yours Internet Service Provider

May be due to technical problems, or receive or wiring issues , you can change yours Internet Service Provider , before this , check whicservice provider is offering good speed with value for money. Check with their competitors to see if they offer a speed more suited for your needs. Check yours ISP as many speed test websites offer this service free of charge, and performing the

speed test will let you gauge if the problem is with your internet service provider.

Remove temporary internet files regularly

Clear your browser cookies and internet history.

Replace yours existing browser

Use Chrome, Opera as yours primary browsers and as supplementary browser you can use Firefox and Safari and for essentials use Internet Explorer latest version. Always check for browsers updates by checking their respectively websites as sometimes browser do not update itself so it is wise to check manual updates.

Make system restore

In case you experience slow in internet connectivity then you can perform a system restore to a good browsing speed session. Speed in decrease can be of various parameters like driver problems, ISP problems and so on.

Take care of yours system

Uninstall unwanted programmes,stops unwanted system services and enough RAMs and try to open fewer programmes while in browsing sessions so that internet browsing will be speedier. Also, be sure to close any programs you are not using to increase system performance. Check yours firewall and ensure nay unwanted programmes is taking away any bandwidth usage. Do not download and surf at a time , try to surf when you re not downloading something thus increasing the internet connectivity speed. To improve speed, consider manually configuring your firewall settings to improve PC performance.

Regularly run antivirus/spyware programs

Always run antivirus or antispyware programmes and scan regularly. Download Malicious software removal tool to scan for trozans. Try to use Microsoft antimalware Microsoft Security Essentials, for its strong protection and it additionally have heauteristis analysis and check for firewall to strengthen protection. Regularly running antivirus and antispyware programs can help you prevent and eliminate these threats. Browser updates is free and most of the top five web browsers are free and its updates are free so use it with free hand. Browser updates increase the speed of loading of websites and its java script loading,html5 loading and flash and silver light and other web enhancements with speed.

Clean browsing history

Your browsing history is a record of every website you visit. This history is actually in a folder on your PC, and takes up space on your computer. Clean yours browsing history in every two weeks so that browsing can be speedier. Clean yours browsing cookies as your browser will cache a large amount of cookies you no longer need, and this can slow down your PC’s internet performance. Cookies store information about websites  and can  load the websites faster when your revisit the websites.


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