Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The last laugh

I was walking by the road side, I was in fact not walking, jogging through the morning as usual and that day was my regular day of jogging as before and as always. There is a conception of mine to jog in the morning as it burns calories and keep me fit and running through out the day. I was returning in that early morning as usual jogging listening to music, my favorite music and jogging sideways and enjoying the cool morning and brilliant cool wind. I was very happy and enjoying the beauty of nature and thinking about poetry and lot and lots more during jogging.While jogging thought processes continues and flows what to do through out the days and mu work schedule and when to write for Trinod and give comment to the articles of my fellow followers and friends. Then I thought about other professional commitments and in the process am retuning to home. The climate now becoming more and more gloomy and cool , am bit worried , as am not prepared with umbrella so I had to reach home before being snowed.

I am feeling tired and exhausted, as always while returning from my jogging scheduled visiting roads and am feeling the pressure but I have to compete my jogging so I was jogging now slightly slower and slower. I had decided to stop the songs  and jogged slowly and suddenly one peculiar scene draws my attention. This route was pretty known to me and I can recall every house and every shops and every members of the house in the route, but suddenly I saw one strange person on the left side of the road. Normally strange persons not happened to reach there but this time after a long gap I saw a strange person from half a kilometer distance .

I was tired butt I have to finish the jogging so I am searching for something special so that my jogging pressure can be reduced to appoint and I am now more interested in this strange person more than as compared to a normal circumstances. That person was half a kilometer away from me and he was looking down wards on the side of the road and doing something which I cannot make idea due to distant between me and the strange person. This peculiar situation helps me while jogging as I forget the distance of the jogging and started to accelerate my jogging speed in order to see the stranger and what exactly he was doing.

Now the snow fall started, mild snow , seems like flowers am enjoying this and it feels good but I have to reach home before  the snow get it s speed. Then I watched the stranger , he is sitting like the same posture as before and he was doing some thing , I reached near to him , and stopped there and see what he is doing. I watched him for 30 seconds and then suddenly I felt a sudden jolt of psychological feelings creeping inside me and my eyes are becoming gloomy and feeling goose bumps and I cannot react for 30 seconds more , during these one minutes I was dumbfounded, could nor feel the snows and could hear anything just looking at that stranger.

Then suddenly that stranger who is watching to the grounds till now, looked to me and gave a grin by turning up the corners of the mouth, it shows his immense pleasure and satisfaction , it seems like a experience. I was now conscious and aware of the situation. The stranger was eating the residuals foods of nearby houses which they had thrown outside, but I had seen his satisfaction and the pleasure while eating. That person does not seem to be mentally retarded, looks clean but he was eating the residual foods dumped in the ground.  I was literally crying and left the place but I had learnt many a things from this stranger . How to respect the food and how to respect the whole world and the environment , if at any time there is a situation when we do not find any food in the world then what will happen to this world , we know feeling hunger; feeling a need or desire to eat food and a world full of hungry people and hungry for recognition.


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