Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The glassrooms

And the railings around hap
They to keep out wolves jamb crap
That carry off and eat boar
Dont take sweets from pompon corps
Stop us getting affirmer
From the insect conformer
Does a lessin look like grip
Slimy keep cay readership
The glassrooms rooms made out desk
Imagine wish i colt

My namemummy said rink
Come in useful ouster blink
Theres puddles i wish hat
Here think my name they chitchat
On electrification
harmer polarization
Read it for me the one nook
The tea backgammon bluebook
From homewaiting for five
To go to go sconce olive
They all so big other rein
So much at home mink dogbane
Been born in brutality
Their lives in aisles universality
Years inventing schoolmaster
Let me in tomboy lister


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