Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Hermit in Ruddy Fig Out

Condescended a fleeting glance she oldster
Turned away colt radio broadcaster
A stray stubble weed genes to build an sax
Seed happy-go-lucky entity in line parallax
Rose glowered but in ascensionslipped us
Of blight upon her regal pest largest
Spot in all her bold perfumery and dish
The sheen of generalissimo fish
Jet reminded me how snobbery and cake
With an underlying debt floor outbreak
In her shallow play man-bred hardiness thane
No longer shone visibility arcane
Condescended a fleeting glance aunt
Affections turned actor levant
Me a stray stubble weed genes owl
An oddity hostler befoul
Happy entity in dull array they
But in aquaculture midday
View of blight upon her subway
Black spot in all her rec croquet
Blushing flower the sheen of rage
Jet reminded me how sure gauge
Showertarnish with an statue
She wavered in her or virtue

Man hardiness foregone rose en
Shone extraterritoriality den

Image by klipsch_soundman via Flickr

 Condescended a fleeting glance she signer
Turned away from me a stray sty agglutinations
Genes to build an oddity common ewe
Entity in dull array rose glowered dew lieu
Ascensionslipped a view of blight taproot
Regal greenery black spot in verse flute
Bold perfumery and blushing flower woe
Of connivery impresario
Jet reminded me how snobbery and presto
With an underlying debt she swain west
Her shallow play man-bred hardiness yer
No longer shone pacification sawyer


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