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Tips to succeed in a management career

If a student is lucid about his management goal and works day in and day out to achieve this then one can achieve more even at the middle level management graduates school.


There was a time when the pursuing the management degree was a rarity and those who pursuit feels the once in the while the Blackberry ways. The time has changed and many waters flown through the Ganges. Now, the pursuit of management degree has become a normal matter. So, slowly the management qualification has become a normal and common qualification and that left many career aspirants to find and think is it the way to go ahead as it is becoming similar and no unique to show in yours curriculum vitae. In India it is a general thought process among the candidates that management degree is a must if you want to pursue yours career with corporate and with management degrees it is like yours probation period but under the circumstances it seems this is not he right way to think and go ahead with and in this write up I will be writing about my thoughts on the current management trends and development. Due to cooperates jobs are many and paid well for this demand of management schools has been growing ever and due to this thought process students are going to attend the management careers thinking about joining the corporate in then later stages. That is why the decision to join the management courses and hence later on too corporate should be done with a stable mind and this process must undergone through one�s mental aptitude analysis and realising their interests. Some times people attract tom management courses as to acquire the status symbol and for this elaborate understanding of the concept of management is the need of the hour.

Make yours own evaluation:

Many a time we as the reasonable personality tends to analyse the other persons attitude and their mental brilliance and in this process forgetting the moral point of valuing oneself as this can led to further analyse yourself and find yours goal and to reach the goal. It is always advisable to complete yours master degree in general education and then you think for any of the professional courses like this one as you have completed yours normal stream and this is now time to jump to more speedier option that can catalyst yours career . You should consult a career consultant after completing yours post graduation in yours subject as this would make yours career path more vertical to success with their professional advice. MBA is a consortium program it is better to find out which MBA stream is suiting you the best and for this it is a great way to go for some of the best career counselling and find out which one you will be comfortable with if you get the job in that department, analyses the trends and find out the best amongst you so that in the process while you are in the job later on in yours career it will be suitable for you to cope with the pressure of conditions. So, this is the time of yours self- evaluation.

Full time MBA or part time MBA or Executive MBA:

If you are fresh from yours post graduation or from graduation to say the least, it is better to go for two year full time management program that will give you more outlook and exposure to the corporate works and their trends and the progress. You can gain many more fundamentals by studying the full time management programme but still before attaining the programme it is better to have a good grasp on accounting, statistics, mathematics operational management and other strategic thoughts on various subjects, and it is better to get in on with all the fundamental before joining the management school as this would pacify yours thoughts and make you smart in joining and attaining the classes. Part time management programme is for three years and it highly recommended for persons with minimum three to five years of qualified experience in nay of the professional or financial job sectors. Full time MBA programme has two years of duration. It is always advisable to attend such MBA programme which is recognised duly certified by University Grant Commission. Before joining any of the management program or this means that you will have to invest money, in terms of study loans or else form any other from yours savings, so it is vital to analyse the financial prospects before joining any of the management program. Do not go by the mere ranking mechanisms and do not fall through the ranking race, try to study the management program and also discuss with the reliable former students of the respective management school to gather more about this institute. In recent time there has been some trends of growing of management institutions as few have stated one year management programme , but thee are not generally recognised as university but is being approved by many corporate so a meticulous study of how to get  into which business schools needs to be taken and then devise yours career.



Selecting the correct institute:

In India as per the estimates and statistical reports there are more than four thousand management institutes sprouting all around India and each day more new university of management are adding to these lists universities. There are known high ranked and prominent business schools are there and they are well known and apart form these there are medium level management schools and first you should examine whether these schools are adhering to the UGC and AICTE parameters and whether they are recognised by these nations bodies as this would give you the safety net as government is recognised this institution and this will have some solace of joining to the school. Do not go by the advertisements and viral , it is better to go to the respective management websites and look for their faculties and quality of study and interact with the former alumni and you can surely find out the better results from these. Students can think of the reputed brand that is leading to the some of the business schools and they can fill the vacant seats there also if they are chosen.

Work experience factor:

It is true that the work experience factor is prime and it is important but the source of work and the valid works, that I to say suppose you have work experience of managing workers in the filed level but you are pursuing MBA at the system level, this will not be the valid work experience for some of the corporate. It is better to go for management studies and then to the job as these makes the continuity or in some other cases it may be great to go after two years experience in the job arena these can be dilute but if desiring these two years, you are connected to yours study in some way or the other then it can be a boon for you. This all goes down to the wires where the connection to the studies is must even if you re at the academics or at the job. Some times many students do not want to give up job for many reasons and for this are late in pursing the career in management.

How to find the goals in yours management programme:

It is true that , when you enter into the management studies , passing out is a must but in between these years what you want to achieve is of utmost importance and the way you want to gather the knowledge and making it more and more practical that suits yours needs and attention and that will boost yours career into further modifying the thoughts into some very wonderful ideas and that can pacify yours career in the longer run and that is what you need the most. During the two years of management course students should pursue their studies with deep interest and study as much as books as possible so much so that in the later part of yours career it will boost yours imagination and work ethics tremendously and do not try to leave these two years as it is other wise yours career will be a failing option in then later part of the time. IN this way you can set up the right fundamentals and also this in the long run build yours career for the betterment of yours jobs. You should go for every co-curricular activities, extra curricular activities and that will help immensely in constructing and developing yours career and built yours right and unique personality.




If you are doing the executive management programme then the campus recruitment part will not bother you but in case of permanent management programme a campus recruitment is the testify of yours recruiting career and with it you can achieve immensely. You do not have to go else where to find the suitable jobs for you as the campuses will be filled with recruiters, companies will visit to the campuses in viewing of their needs and wants so do not be sad if you are not selected as you have not been lesser than all it may be you are not suitable for their requiting of jobs and try it for more and more time. All management schools including the tip notch one will promise that companies will reach at you at the end of yours studies but no one will guarantee that you will be getting the job, it is you which should try and to get the and find the suitable job for you so it is you who will be the master of yours career. UN fortunately most of the management school studies seem to be a common commodities and the qualification factor is not important fort hem that is why it all goes to the individual persons to acquire the much required knowledge and again yours participation through various fundamentals and develop them in between. If a student is lucid about his management goal and works day in and day out to achieve this then one can achieve more even at the middle level management graduates school. So, in short a student has no competition except himself.

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