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Best Songs with your Windows Down

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Introducing Spotify the world of music , instant ,simple and friendly . Wherever you go, your music follows you.


 It is like a story, where the search for continues for essential and distinguishable songs continues and finally reaches its destination. Please read it on. It is a short story of how something named as Spotify came to be. We live in a world where everyone has strong positive emotion of regard and affection towards music and euphony the hunt for good medium of music continues, first the big disks but with due course of time the preserving part becomes worrisome and it leads to cassettes , which is smaller and became popular but in subsequent times the tapes of cassettes became more of contention with constant knots and removal from cassette holder causing the music to break , then came the compact discs with digital sound  but it is not so portable and that leads to us to innovate the MP three player and that after prolonged use reached us at the current Spotify ( . It is the world of music. Search songs and play the songs, discover all the related songs embedded within it, then you play yours favorites and share it with others friends and colleagues, whatever you want and whenever you want you can do it with Spotify, it is instant, simple and friendly. The big disc in the earlier days could play the songs for forty five minutes , the cassettes played it for ninety minutes , compact discs for seventy four minutes , MP three players for 139810 minutes but the smarter and most elegant music collection player Spotify runs for staggering 5726624 minutes wow it is unbeatable , invincible. Today I will be exchanging ideas about Spotify in details in this write up please stay tuned.

What is it?

Kia Rio and Spotify collaborate to make the artistic creation of the"Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast. Users can put up a song to produce a playlist via the Spotify application or the Rio Playlist tab on the Rio Facebook page.


The Rio playlist will be advanced and encouraged by way of display media and audio spots all the way through the Spotify application. Users that click on any of the list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast promotional units will establish a branded and distinctive lightbox where they can refer a song. For other convenience factors and to use lightbox playlist outside of Spotify , a Facebook application was launched on the Rio Facebook page. It is having the same or similar characteristics to the lightbox, users can refer a song and realize the playlist. Users can find the playlist, use the playlist and find the related playlist and eventually users can subscribe to the playlist or share it with their friends. With due course of time yours music collection goes large and die to limitations of music players the song carrying power reduced drastically but with the Spotify you can make it for your PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile phone, and create innumerable playlists and wherever you go music goes with you and with it yours happy mind and lots of memories.

It is the live music so now worry of yours limitations of hard drives or yours personal music players , it is in the cloud use it and share it and find the playlists of yours near and dear ones it is simple and great. No to download it goes on live and feel the music every where ever you go.





How is works?

Jump over to and then try to locate the existence of  for your best loved  song to play with “ "Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist

“There you will be asked about “what is your best song to play with yours windows down?” Then you will see a search bar with in built writing of “Enter song title/artist here”, and then put title of yours most loved song and clicks the search button. Searching of songs with Spotify is as easy as you think of just go over to the Spotify library and you will notice millions of songs with their databases, yours playlists, the music you have bought and shared everything in a lucid and streamline manner. Check yours inbox to find out all the music you have searched and authenticated. Wit the Top list meter with every track you can know the trends of the songs which is most popular and that will make yours search easier and finer.


Pick out yours songs from the search query, place your name and email and click "submit!" Be certain to click on "view playlist" so you can observe all the songs submitted and presented by others. The download the Spotify application form the link given below and it is within 15 MB approximately  in size and install it in yours computer or in Smartphone. It is important to remember to close the application "Spotify" when the fresh application attempt to launch, then receive pleasure from and get enjoyment and benefited from the "Kia Rio Best Songs to Play with Your Windows Down" via Spotify!



How to submit a song to the Kia Rio Best Songs to Play "Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist:

First you will have to decide what form of log in to use in order to have"Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist. Your account will be employing one of the two types of login method: Facebook Login and Spotify username.


Facebook Login: Here, you have on every occasion applied Facebook bona fides document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts (email address and password) to login to Spotify. You will not be inquire about to choose a username and password of yours Spotify account. Almost all Spotify accounts generated after September 22 nd 2011 will put in service the Facebook login.

Spotify username: Here, you select  your own Spotify username and password when you generated your Spotify account for business relationship . All Spotify accounts created before September 22nd, 2011 will be of this kind . Almost all Spotify accounts generated after September 22nd 2011 will put in service the Facebook login.

Employ Spotify with your Sonos, Squeezebox, Onkyo, WD or Boxee Box system:


Here you will have to use Spotify usernames and passwords to log in with your Sonos, Squeezebox, Onkyo, WD or Boxee Box system . Here yours Facebook credentials will not work . Go here to create yours Spotify usernames and device passwords.  You need to have the premium subscription to gain from this experience.


Creating playlists with Spotify:

It is very easy with just click of  yours wrist ,go to the left column ,click on the ‘New playlist’ name it whatever you want then drag and drops the authenticated songs into it and listen it , share it , find the related songs and share it on instant messaging, blogging or yours most loved social sharing sites. All yours playlists ca be accessible form any of the devices you are undergoing like that of PC, smart phones  or any other devices  as these are live and living in then cloud.

‘Collaborative playlist’:


Right click on the existed lay list and select ‘Collaborative playlist’, then a green icon with some text will begin to show near the ‘Collaborative playlist’ and yours friends can view , edit and manage these ‘Collaborative playlist’.


Who can check my playlists?:

The playlists brought out in your public profile biographical sketch can be discovered by all people on your People list and by any person who cognizes your Spotify username. Your username can be ascertained in playlist links that you post. Take an example:

I searched for “Somebody needs you” inside the "Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist  search box and the resultant comes with the songs from west life, pickets, all-stars songs title. I choose it for west life of “Somebody needs you” inside the "Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist. The make it in my “Top artists” and “Top tracks” so that in the future when I log in again here at “Best Songs with your Windows Down” I will longer have to search the song again and again , as I can go directly to the listings to find the song easily. In this way yours “Top artists” and “Top tracks” lists are seeable by all people on your People list and by any person who cognizes your Spotify username. There is one option to preserve yours privacy and hide yours playlist from public. Click on yours user name at the upper part of the People list, then select “Edit” and then switch off the issuance for the playlist. It is advisable to make yours playlist open as Spotify is growing because of crowd sourcing phenomena. You can hear yours friends playlists , just click on their post and listen the music it is very easy and fast .There are million of songs waiting for you , simply search and wait for the authentication and play .


How do I link to my music on Spotify?


You can connect yours music seamlessly with Spotify. Right-click (Mac: ctrl + click) on your band’s name and select Copy HTTP Link. Now you can make addition to the Spotify settings for your Musician Page on Facebook. Use the Spotify drag’n'drop feature to share music directly through instant messaging, or publish on yours blogs to yours most loved social network.


Spotify and the music:


With Spotify you'll be able to enjoy yours most loved songs at home and or when you are at mobile with smart phones with the Spotify Mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Symbian or Windows Phone or inside the car of Kia Rio equipped with the voice-activated UVO Infotainment System, powered by Microsoft . If you go for premium features then you can enjoy yours favorite music and playlists offline. I encourage my respected readers to use Spotify, first download the software then launch it through Facebook application and search for yours favorite songs and make it yours playlists and submit yours songs and please leave a comment here which song you have submitted to Spotify and why and what is the reason means is this yours all favorite songs or party songs or the song you listen while driving the car etc. If you will be choosing the other songs which you would choose? Please suggest in the comment section.


Few significant points to be taken into consideration is that when you choose a song for playlist all songs goes through the formal act of approval process that is why automated and immediate add-on to yours playlist is not possible . In order to lay and feel yours music through yours playlist you will have to down load the Spotify software to yours computer and install it and then you can listen the unending music of yours favorite playlists.  Be smart sure to select Spotify application when the new application makes an effort set in motion. All the songs will be added and appended by on the playlist, which is why you may not find yours, Spotify username there, in this period all the songs is going through the critical review process and after approval all the songs will be visible with yours Spotify username. 


 Download Spotify for Windows:


Create a Spotify account, then download Spotify. You can download Spotify to as many computers as you like. You need a PC running Windows XP/Vista/7, as well as a broadband Internet connection. It also has  a Mac version.

Download Spotify

Please click the Download button below to download Spotify for Windows.



Mobile music:

Being social and in the cloud with crowd sourcing and millions of songs in her kitty of Spotify the use inside the mobiles make it more convenient and popular to use. All you want a Spotify account and a cell phone with Spotify application installed inside it. You can stream songs or hear offline mode or share songs through yours mobile devices with Spotify.

Learn while you listen:

 With the Biographies tab with the artists and click on them to know more about yours artists achievement and their credentials and thus in this process you gain the masterly knowledge of acquiring the history of music industry. This can be a handy tool for the students who will be appearing for the competitive examination or the students relating to music study.


Turn your living room into the ultimate concert hall :

You will need Spotify premium account to access this feature. Connect your Spotify Premium account to your Sonos wireless music system, thus you can with the help from Sonos the playlists expanded and can be segmented to kitchen, living rooms, bath rooms , bed rooms balcony to the every nook corner of the house. Then, within the Logitech Squeezebox Touch or Radio create multi room music system and acess many stations with it. Then install Onkyo home cinema receivers to tun yours living room into the ultimate concert hall. With TeliaSonera digital TV you can listen yours Spotify playlists inside yours living room. Use Philips Streamium for great sound and combine all these with Boxee so that you can have internet television inside yours home theatre system though Spotify.


Kio Rio with class leading forty MPG:

It has stylish design and comfortable looking with heated front leather seats , blue tooth wireless technology , voice activated UVO powered by Microsoft  for the infotainment system , if you want more feature there are other add ins available for extra charges , the beautiful led lighting accumulated and amalgamated to make it a huge experience modern technological innovative excellence.


Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System powered by Microsoft:

Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System powered by Microsoft is a cutting edge technology powered for you to guide a wonderful driving experience. Yours voice can automatically receive the phone calls,  you can play yours favorite music by saying the channels and the location without touching the multimedia components, You can say “Play blue tooth audio” to stream music from yours phone , you can say “play playlist” to operate from yours personal music player to play yours favorite playlists , you can say “radio channels 37” to play yours favorite radio channels , it has hundreds of satellite radio channels in its kitty, you can employ yours digital jukebox to play with yours favorite juke box player by saying “play juke box” , this shows you will be enjoying greater control and experience the ultimate music with you while driving by without engaging yours hands. Its front camera display shows you what is ahead on the road and it is very helpful. With UVO powered by Microsoft you can see more ,hear more and connect more

Kia's Voice-Activated Infotainment System bring to existence with Windows Embedded and engrafted  Automotive and Microsoft Tellme Speech .It is a part of encouraging the young singles and families to have this  to experience the “mobile digital lifestyle. ” With it they can play video games, connect with their phones and social services. Kia's UVO system built upon Windows Embedded Automotive platform that compiles and compatible with Microsoft Tellme embedded speech technology. It gives smart access to yours vehicle multimedia and infotainment system with yours smart voice in command and control. It has the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree and powerful system and almost flawless. The fastest growing car brands in the United States over the past decade , founded in 1944, Kia Motors Corporation is Korea's oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles have implemented this system in their car in Kia Motors.


Henry Bzeih, National Manager, Connected Car, Kia Motors America, Inc. says “Automakers must invest heavily in new technologies because popular electronics devices, like smart-phones and tablet computers, have created the expectation of connectivity from the office and home into the car. Ford SYNC was a game-changer in terms of showing the industry how a great infotainment system could boost both the brand image and vehicle sales,” recalls Bzeih. “While many of our competitors chose to develop their own proprietary platforms, we decided to partner with Microsoft. ”

Due to the excellence of Microsoft in technology in very aspect of life be it software, hardwires or in gaming section, this gives confidence to Kia Motors to have connectedness with Microsoft . Microsoft Tellme embedded speech technology enables hands-free calling with Kia's UVO System. Microsoft Tellme embedded speech technology enables hands-free calling with Kia's UVO System. The voice activated artifacts that uses yours voice and in order to use the infotainment system the driver does not have to use his/her hands. It is simple and quick and it employs the user’s voice to get into the inside of infotainment system.

Stefanie Tomko, program manager, Windows Embedded Business, Microsoft Corporation said “We showed Kia some of the speech engine work we were doing, and then we went through an evaluation cycle that included some harrowing drives around Kia’s test track in Namyang, Korea. Kia was so impressed by the performance of the Microsoft Tellme speech service that it decided to make a bet on using the technology. ”

The consolidated middleware stack and reference design eased the development time for Kia motors and aid the UVO to go faster. Microsoft office running on windows desktops and then to windows servers and then to back end of IT management systems and that implied with the development platform of Kia motors to use the smooth and seamless integrated Microsoft UVO infotainment system. It lets and permits the driver to keep an eye on the road without removing his hands form the steering as it uses the infotainment system he just have to use his voice and all set go. The Microsoft Tellme server generates voice commands and navigation for internet, Spotify play lists, maps navigational aids and all weather systems to alert the drivers. It is very comfortable to use it and hands free. So you get connected without putting yours hands in. The Microsoft Tellme server is a all in one solutions with cloud hosting  from the reliability of Microsoft , manage the data mining and eliminate the want for data server as it hosts all of it in real time in seamless motion, all these facilities enhances it to use for a tremendous marketing capacity.


From the brand perspective it grows and enhances the brand of Kia motors as it is renowned for high technology inputs and introduction of newer and innovation mechanisms and this Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System powered by Microsoft is the real testimony of this fact. With very nice promotional methods such as press releases, press engagements and industry events employed by Kia motors the viral marketing phenomena is on the rise. This brand goes for young persons and young married couples and targeting them needs power full innovation and long term and outstanding technological partnership, with the partnerships with Microsoft , Kia motors seems to be achieved the inevitable and get the real benefit and stick to its brand name the innovator.

Here is the video of Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System powered by Microsoft:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Looking Ahead:


At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Kia pronounced the advancement of new trends in technology with the introduction of sixteen new features relating to safety, vehicle management, convenience and location based geo services. There are plans to introduce some of the user centric infotainment system by introducing some of the high powered and advance Xbox integration and more and more customer’s infotainment facilities. The close loop process will look for defective lights or seemingly deem heard lights of the car and then it will engage the driver and automatically make the appointment with the garage and fix the date of servicer, is not it a great experience as the driver, the owner of the family will not have to be worry about anything, just the automated system and the yours voice mechanisms does it all smoothly and effortlessly. For more information visit:   and For more information about Kia Motors' products and services, visit the Web site at:   and for more information about UVO, visit





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