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Pay per post advertising network:Posts Genius

Smart ideas are simple such is the Posts Genius

Pay per post advertising network:



If you have a blog with page rank then it qualifies you to apply for Posts Genius publisher account and publish the sponsored contents by the help of it and in this process you can earn handsome amount as well as some additional attention with the advent and approval of yours Posts Genius publisher account. So, what are you thinking of it is time to act and if you have the blog or website with at least minimum page rank of Google then you can apply and once it is approved then go  to its dashboard to have more and more detailed knowledge about how it works and how these functions undergoes.  You can earn cash through PayPal payment systems by writing reviews of the product you are qualified with , then publish them on yours blog or websites and then give then link to yours Dashboard and wait for yours article approval. This is very simple and you can do it with much at ease. Buy Blog Posts and Reviews for your Website with Posts Genius


The earning potential with Posts Genius is huge and you can earn thousand of dollars and then get it thorough yours PayPal and convert it tom yours currency and this process is effortless as this all depends upon only with you as it depends upon yours writing and capture and the control over the language. So, what are you waiting for and jump over to this link to join Posts Genius and then start yours process of earning utmost potentials. With the incentives of money with it increase yours blog�s audience with the high quality articles and potential to earn more and also good traffic and better search engine visibility. In this way yours traffic will be natural and highly targeted and good and visible audience that makes you feel joyous due to the fact that you have achieved lot by reviewing the sponsored presented article to its maxim and also always try to focus and write a good and long article especially of minimum of one thousand words so much so that according to Google�s own words it is searching for the real articles instead of the highly optimised and artificial popular articles.

According to yours blog quality you can be paid with from five dollars to one thousand dollars per post , so what are you waiting for , it is time to take the action and start to work with Posts Genius and it is brilliant to say the least and with time and dedication you will be awarded with  a handsome sum for yours brilliantly crafted articles and you will get the sense of fulfilment and something you have achieved with yours pen and this will be more than just the writing as  there are the incentives that is attached to it for the bloggers. Before applying to join this network it is a better idea is to show the archive  page at yours blog�s front end so that while approval Posts Genius will know about yours blog how old it is and also they will know about how often you are posting and what is the quality of yours blog is. Make Money Blogging with Posts Genius

How it works:

The advertisers adds their campaign and you are the publisher here, notifies them and then you can confirm them all are available in yours account dashboards and also you will have the opportunities to accept the campaign automatically and then be conveyed through yours inbox at the email which you have used for the registration of yours account. So, you will be notified about the campaign offers and then you can accept it or deny it. If you accept it then you can see the website of the advertiser and then you can make the write up and the detailed suggestions has been with it and you can read it and link the referred words, all these can be done after you confirm the request, it is very easy as after that you make the research and then a write a well compiled one thousand worded article as remember the upper words limit is not there. It is advisable to write at least one thousand worded article for this.

Once, you have specified and provided the URL of yours post the advertiser approves the programme after the dead line or give the adequate remarks that can be at yours in box from time to time so check these remarks if you have any and start the work according to their directions and suggestion or scope for improvements for yours posts. Payments for the approved posts are credited and once you have reached the actual balance of fifty dollar or more then you can request the pay out. If you publish on time then you can get more and more positive ratings from the advertisers and this is important as the other related advertisers will be influenced by the rankings of their fellow businessman and then they will give you more and more offers so that you will be benefitted financially in the longer run. The price for the every post has the fixed rate and after completing the offer the value is credited but the actual amount will be seen after the article completes the one month or thirty days with yours blog and then the money will be credited to yours account in real time. It is also compulsory not to change the principal URL of yours blog for a complete one year of time as that article URL need not to be changed at all. Posts Genius will send you the requisite money when you qualify through industry standard and global standard Pay Pal medium.

If you are new to the Posts Genius, then please wait for some days before the advertiser finds you with the suitable opportunities and then you will get the notification for sponsored writings. At first, try to set yours blog for a lower price so  that you can get the opportunities more and with these little step forward you can go ultimately the miles to fulfil yours dream of getting the actual money making opportunities. Patience and perseverance is the key stone to success here and try this more often than not to find the suitable opportunities. In this way you can get the promotional material about the product, service and companies and in this way yours miles stone to success really works and this goes beyond to the wildest of the imaginations. Make Money Blogging with Posts Genius

How to add your blog to Posts Genius:

Log in to Posts Genius, then go to manage blogs , then on the upper right side go for the �Add new blog� , if you want to make the money blogging then it is necessary to add the blog , at the �My blog URL� provide yours blog URL in the pattern prescribed there , after entering the correct URL address then choose the language of yours blog, while inserting the name of the URL you must double check that yours blog should have page rank on or higher , then  log in to yours blog administration and then publish a article written their to confirm the ownership of yours blog  and if you have done all these processes correctly then click the big green button which says �YES , I have already do that and want to continue�, then in the next step enter yours blog description within few words and make it precise and short so that the advertiser will see it and then can contact with you with the offers. So, it is very significant step and it is like saying yours blog in very fewer words to the world. Then choose the categories by clicking on the button with arrows to move the selected categories , if you want more than one category then repeat these steps one more times and several times to complete the categorisation of yours blog. Then in the next instance go for the �Price per post� and enter the amount what you would like to have for the every written article and publish article and think wisely and put yours blog�s worth.

Then ,go for the option �Price per each word�, here enter the amount what you would like to have for the worth of each written words you will be written about for the demands of offers you will be getting for the each and every words of yours written work. Then, check the option if yours blog is dealing with the adult content, then let the relevant and interested advertiser knows and then they can specify their choices if they want it to. Then, choose the tone of yours words, whether it can be positive, negative or neutral to the advertiser choices, I would recommend for the positive word tone. It will be the tone of the written post, in which you would like to write while accepting the posts from the advertiser. Then, you can go for �Post type�, I would like to recommend to click all the types of articles like that of the articles, own text and reviews. Then click on the big green button �continue �. Then, you can see the adding of yours blog at the �My blogs� to see the blog added to the lists.

Posts Genius; how it works:

With the incentives for the post , you will be getting excited and exotic about to write more and more and after few days and months you will be feeling about achieving something of yours great , and with this yours writing potential will blossom and  you will find something inside of you which you may not be searching at all. Advertisers should able to get more and more perspective customers. By using the Posts Genius advertising platform the advertisers would get more and more perspective customers and the viral marketing which is very important and with this the advertiser goes viral and make the wonderful advancements in terms of business grow. With this the advertisers get targeted visitors, the required branding and search engine optimising wonderful fully proved techniques on the go.

On then other hand the bloggers can make handsome money making opportunities and with it augment their earnings potential by making money blogging. As and when the advertisers select the preferred blog and then the bloggers are notified and then the match is made and then the bloggers begin and processing their work, write and then publish the articles of interest and then give the reviews. Bloggers will publish yours posts on behalf of advertisers and then the advertiser sanctions it after few days or sends some messages if it wants the improvements. In the later case the blogger then make the improvements and then submit it back to the advertisers. In this way then advertiser gets the adequate benefits and then the product branding and success goes with it. These are the smart ideas that are simple and it is already a tremendous hit. You can have the as the publisher multiple blogs in yours account so much so that you can double or triple yours account on the go. You can read the Posts Genius blogs from time to time to learn about how to write the better quality writings and how to give good article writings so that you will always be have the great mind when you write for any such blog posts.

Posts Genius marketing area:

Posts Genius is an advertising system and application that makes the common platform for the advertisers and marketers such as bloggers and web masters by producing the system of virtualised marketplace for the advertisers and publishers, the advertisers can then hire the publishers to get in touch with the publishers such as the bloggers to write the targeted viral posts for the advertisers to jot down the posts and reviews of websites, services, or products. Posts Genius markets all over the world with the marketing reach extends beyond the US, Europe (in English, Spanish, German, and Czech), the Middle East (in Arabic), Russia, and India.

For Bloggers:

Posts Genius supports the,, and many website development platforms. Once you have reached the earning equal or high to the fifty dollars amount in any of the form you can then see a button "Pay out earnings" is displayed in the Clients area, tab My Account. Then, you can receive yours payment in the first and then third week of every month. Make Money Blogging with Posts Genius

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