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mental health software

 mental health software1

The behavioral software, mental health software and social services software providers across the country have chosen in preference CMHCi client data management and EHR solutions to give what is needed them the  increased skilfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort in the financial and direct observation of clinical point of view. The behavioral software, mental health software are meant and accommodated with any type of human assistance suppliers in the behavioral healthcare establishments , households and kids services, inebriant and substance abuse discourse in treatment, adeptness�s facilities , temporary medical care  program , residential and semi permanent care , crisis centre and many more. CMHCi can help yours establishments if you are managing better quality health care and service deliverance facilities.

Accessible from virtually anywhere!:

mental health software

You can construct a perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities of electronic health recording employing CMHCi�s client cycle design.
This system bring forth ameliorate quality of care, reducing the data entry through single windows diagnostic centres with improved customisations, accomplished  Client electronic health recording system which augments the process of medication and helps the surgeons in observing patients health care history thus prescribing the correct diagnosis and right medications, it removes the redundancies , the repetition of messages to reduce the probability of errors and thus it reduces the errors and in this process it cannonball along the process , and thus it augments the productiveness by deleting the unnecessary repetitive processes and producing the need results to the clients within very fast time, and in this way the system makes the organisational process more transparent and easily accessible.

So, the entire process can be summarised as client registration, billing, clinical documentations, and reporting, complete client electronic health records and with automated scheduling and intake of records.

Automated preadmission and intake:

Automated preadmission and intake terminate repetition of messages to reduce the probability of errors, makes certain of quality of being near to the true value, and accelerate the act of enrolling process. The behavioral healthcare software, mental health software,  and social services software captures the programme appropriate data , employs its herculean fully incorporated scheduler arranges jobs to be done by the computer in an appropriate order to handle appointments and engagements.

CMHCi�s �smart match� discards germination for old clients and track referrals and non performers through some exhaustive quality reporting.

The scheduling:

mental health software2

It is fully incorporated, powerful and elastic. It alerts the arrivals, cancels and other scheduling functionalities to the staffs through IM and email services and keep then in touch all the times. It creates automated practices mechanisms for staffs and staff groups. It drill down location, positions, sections, service codes and integrate and mix with all the outside software like that of outlook and vcard and many more. Staff should view schedules by any combinations of staff departments, locations and services through this software. You can define the staff categories and classes like that of clinician, psychiatrists, diabetes, home health aid etc. You can choose from any categories within the split of a second, All these can be viewed by day, week or by month. You can pick out any collection of things sharing a common attribute.

Client registration:

The basis of HER is the client registration. It has powerful search tools to explore or diagnosis and determines any kind of data. Identity cards and scanned documents can be attached to it. No programming knowledge required. Tailor made forms are available. Single window system implementation is quite possible with the accumulation of functions such as program registration, appointments and assignments, service or financial ledger, clinical data points.


CMHCi extends billing options. It prepares the electronic billing claims rapidly by taking into cognisance of producing the charges for continual of appointments, completions of appointments, attendance register and bulk or individual entry. All insurance funds, funds related to clients and granting of funds for philanthropy works has been kept under EDI. It ensures of minimal entry with that of proper accuracy with relevant minimisations of costs.

Clinical software documentation:

CMHCi offers clinical software documentation. It offers combined treatment plans packages, gradual improvement statuses, the appraisals and consequences, bringing out the entropy of information, medications, discharge and follows up information. It supports electronic ascents and customised notes on pre themed forms.

Staff portal:

All the staff information is available at one place like that of case loads, clinical functions, services, appointments with automated alerts and text communications through IM and email. For supervising staff productivity and case load check with completions communications through email, IM messaging platforms are made available.


Reporting through various visual tools such as dashboards, charts, cross tabs, graphs, charts and the reports are generated through various suitable formats so that these will be compatible with popular software. It gives unique and simple customised dash boards for clear visual interpretations. With live data mining in the back ground process, as it turned the unprocessed data into powerful determinations of decision making. The behavioral software, mental health software and social services software providers across the country  providers nationwide have selected CMHCi client data management and EHR solutions to provide them with increased efficiencies both financially and clinically.


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