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Women and the art of beautification

ittech Beautification is always important

and it is no less today than what it was centuries ago. However the only differentiation the methods have undergone a sea of change though the basic concept is always remains the same. It is believed that in ancient years people vouch for good complexion, lean waist and attractive big eyes. Now-a-days much attention and importance is given to the nature and personality so that it can be developed through optimum importance.  Good etiquette, a flawless posture at every possible meeting all these compounded provides the important part of physical beauty. So, beauty is not only the science but it is also the creation of art and it is the art that stays in the mind of people and that can be long lasting.

With the ever increasing phenomenon

of working women who have undergone a sea of change among the ladies and they have understood the basic concept of beauty and they are making it most out of it. Beauty is personified and it is according to person to person. That is why the mushrooming of beauty clinics all around is the living testimony of all these facts and it bears the symbol of constant beautification trends that is going on and it is the most conscious part of ladies. But the point of concern is that how many women have been able to form of the opinion and they are beauty conscious or should we misunderstanding the trend as we are seeing the limited trends of urbanization and not considering the particular dawn to dusk workaholic culture of rural areas.

Women and the art of beautification

The importance of finger

, the good health, the soft skin and the basic and the urban techniques of make up are to be backed by safe guarding these principles. The correct choice of colours and the choice of colours according to various days of the weeks and how these have been carried on with various arte facts and the conscious colours and cleanliness are all being part of beautification that comes immediately after make up. Which cosmetics to use and how to know these are the real one not the duplicate ones and how to find out which brand is better, I have known my sibling being fan of certain talcum powder and when I asked the response was as it feels good to face and the body as it is absorbable and also it come with some sort of immediate fairness. It is also related to good health and how these can be useful and complementary to all sorts of immediate attractions.

It is also true that the absence of proper knowledge

on these subjects , which women prefer at random would in the long run destroy their natural beauty and it makes them a perfectly suit for not so good beautification . Ladies are busy in jobs or in business, this is imperative for them to preserve their natural beauty so that they will feel more strength and confident while dealing with any sort of challenges in their professional life. A working woman should have the personality that should be soft, appealing and dignified. The complete aesthetic sense not only increases your personality but it also brings into respect too and for this the good understanding of beautification is a must for all and it should be preserved and carried on with.

A man is as old as he feels

and the woman is as old as she looks. It is true that no woman is likes to see as the old. No women also like to see as ugly or even for the ordinary looks. When the women first aware of her womanliness, the first thought that comes immediately to her mind is that of charm and how to look beautiful and how to feel beautiful.  There rises the tendency to look beautiful and charming and that too she devoted all her energy towards researching in her own capacity towards this aim and is still doing so. That is why this is for everyone to realize those beautifications are almost similar to that of ladies thoughts, minds and personality. Self- beautification and decoration are the tools for the women to attract the men since times immemorial. It is the love and irresistible urge for merger. The methods and the procedure to employ all these has been going on and this may not be seem to be the past as this practice is going on since time immemorial.

Filling of hair with red virmilion

, placing the dot on the fore head , eye liner in the eyes , turmeric massage followed by bath , use of perfumed oils, feet colored red , a mole on the chin , stylizing the hair , use of herbal dye lips in the ancient times and in modern times lipstick , nail polish with lac in ancient time , herbal baths and use of flowers for perfume are all been part of sixteen decoration used for marriage. In the past these beauty essentials are not commercially marketed instead they are being prepared at home and these are natural and very healthy. With the passage of time and the advent of modern technologies women have become more and more drifted towards fashions and modern decorative materials. Even beautiful women also do the same to become more and more beautiful and for this more and more time is consumed in beauty parlors and spas. With the rising prices of beauty aids and the commercial companies has been making the sky rocketing prices but the use of all these artificial beauty aids is on the rise and slowly the natural and herb usage is declining. There is silver lining also in this epidemic like situation as more and more women now more passionately attracted towards the home made natural herbs and that is why we can observe many natural related questions in most popular ladies monthly magazines.

The another interesting fact is

that however the beautiful the women is every women has some complain about beauty and its deficiencies and she tries to cover that of with her own innovation and wonderful works. In one situation a women wants to be taller and in some other situation the women wants to be slim and in some other situation the women wants to have long hair and in some other situation the women wants to have hair up to neck . Thus it is not ending and it is continuous. To have a good complexion a woman can go for anything and to be fair is like something imagination she would thought in her own imagination. If she is fair then she would think more and more fairness and in this way the search for beauty is endless. It is like that of never ending tunnel that has only one destination.

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