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Virtualisation and cloud computing

It is the technical subject and before venturing into the technical aspect and its detailed manifestation it is better to understand the virtualsiation and the cloud computing details about how it is going to affect the state of the art architecture of computer management. While understanding this concept there are many terms that came across this and in between there are some terms such as internet, grid computing,clusters , cloud and so on , the relevance and the real pass on these terms can be known in this discussion.

  • Internet is generally known as the networks of network connected all around the world. It consists of user machines such as laptop or tablet or desktop. So, you can be confused with the term cloud but the simpler term is it is in the net work and can be always on line. When, people describe about internet , they also called about the phenomena of cloud computing in the same term , internet is the finest and first step of cloud computing. In the internet scenario the group of computers can not view each other.
  • Cluster is the group of interconnected computer and these can be viewed each other in a single system. It is also called as the �Distributed computing�. Some says as the computing cluster, data cluster , but many a times the data clusters bears the different meaning all together.
  • Grid is the term is generally associated with the cluster of computers generally meant to achieve the common goal. Grid can run with clusters or  with the set of clusters or generally  it can run above the existing clusters or the set of clusters.
  • Cloud is a set of networked or interconnected computers which are employed to provide various services. A cloud can be a grid or clusters or hybrid of these settings. Why the name is cloud has some significant denominations. Every one is perceiving this in some other way such as it can be recalled as cluster or grid or any other hybrid set up. It is multifaceted and can be employed in numerous ways.

In all these situations there are specific character needed to make all these computing set up complete. There are some very nice and identifiable points that is making the cloud computing more and more identifiable and recognisable with these possible characters. The key features of cloud are :

  • On demand: It gives and provides its services on demand , it means it vows for more and more customisation and other related solutions. It can give more computational resources at one point of time and in some other time it can give less computation resources.
  • Self management:  It should be free from any sort of manual intervention .In case of rainy days that of the hard ware and software failures , it should figure out the cause of disruption and will enable automatically and should respond to the situations.
  • Broad network access: It is similar to grid and cluster , it gives the importance to the fact of the matter that the cloud should be accessible from different areas with multiple platforms and other related issues. This means it can be public or the private cloud or it can be hybrid of these two and the access rights depends on these parameters.
  • Resource pooling: It is the subset of on demand feature of cloud computing. The computations resources may be huge and large and from it any amount of cloud can be extracted from it. Through this characteristic the on demand characteristics is happening and it is this feature which is making the on demand characteristics to move on.

The main aspect of cloud is the service. It is not goal oriented so person or the organisation can utilise it services and can make some additional customisation with these services. This service is available and you can use it in any manner and in sense of imagination according to your wishes. Now we will observe the service method of the cloud computing.

  • Infrastructure as a service: This consists of hardware, networking services, computer, firewall and some other related hardware devices.
  • Platform as a service: This has both the infrastructure as well as service . Here , the platform refers to the operating system, programming language execution environment , software services such as FTP,HTTP, email services etc. A cloud offering LAMP stack can be thought of as a platform as a service cloud.
  • Software as a service: This includes infrastructure , platform and the software running on top. Blogging platform is the software as a service set up. Here while using this platform you do not have any concern about hardware, the operating system and other related and concerned hardware in built around it as you are preoccupied with the phenomena of the architecture you are dealing with it. You just have to use the software therein.

In  the above three mentioned services by the help of the proper utilisation of resources many aspects of work culture and ethics can be attained and successfully accomplished.

  • Since all the hardwires remain at the virtual setting then you can have many virtual machines on the physical servers and that will form the back bone of a computational resource pool.
  • Storage devices are virtual as well . With the use of virtualisation the new drives are created automatically and also heavy resource usage can be managed simply with it. These storage devices can be managed and utilised with the virtualised software  that can make it more on demand and resource pooling facilities.
  • Since virtualisation goes on with the hardware networking then you have the advantage to control all these through better management of individual virtual devices and its scope and net working can be completely manage and attained with it.
  • With virtualization the automation of each and every process as the installation of operating system on the computer can be virtualised and automated with it the entire net work of computers can be managed with little intervention of human mind and human force. A pre coded virtual machine can be cloned and recloned to use it inside the virtual machines.With it if the entire system if at all infected then the new clone of virtual machine can be used instead and the entire system can be scanned and rescanned to implement and run within few seconds.Viruses have very little or no access to know whether the system is original or virtualised.


Conclusion: There are many benefits with this system as we have discussed above and now we will look at the various performance impact on the system and try to look and examine its multifaceted benefits within its work and surroundings. Due to the advent of modern technology and its related resources most of the virtual machines work fast and there can be no lagging of work for this. However one thing that can have the reverse impact is the lack of available of resources and low in RAM. If this is adequate then the performance can have some sort of rapidity and growth with it. In case of multimedia us usages one can rest assured that different virtual machines should access the different resources and the resource association must be fair and good according to the situations and understanding. Processor scheduling , guest operating system care should be examined properly so that no other machine will not be stressed and to reach at the difficult situations so that the hardware has the real difficult time to resists. You should allocate the number of cores of each virtual machines wisely, this is all about management of virtual machines and distributing the equal equitable tasks to each and every virtual machines so that no load or multiple stress will be there with then when the real on demand and resource allocation of task is being utilised into.

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