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An overview of pocket router


There are some basic circumstances where you are compelled to use the internet and it is important for you to connect and access the internet even while you on the go with multiple device like that of laptops .tablets and mobiles so on. Many a times the preferred data card is not sufficient for your network live and as you cannot connect your phone or to any other devices. Your perfect solution mate in these circumstances is the pocket router. Here is an example why you need this. In the last year in the school twenty students and the teacher went to a nearby jungle to have the picnic as all have successfully got higher ranks and the teachers themselves giving them the joyous party to attain and celebrate the success. Then while returning it is already dark due to dense forest and the vehicle goes out of order and the panic driven as that jungle is full of wild animals. The mobile towers seems to be one or two that is not almost there even the smart phones towers the powerful receivers are not seems to be working and this adds to the worry and then our information technology teacher got to the situation and then what done through the process is compelled me to write this and this is from the what I have seen while information technology teacher is indulged into.

With a pocket router you can create a simple Wi-Fi hotspot instantly and anywhere and at any time. It is so small and can fit well into your pocket and the weight of it is very light and the speed of internet can go for 3/1 mbps and his is very nice considering the situations where you need the internet connectivity and the networking immediately to attain some of your choices of work to be finished and the goals to be attained.

How to set up a pocket router?

1.    Open the back cover and then insert the battery and the sim into it.
2.    You can connect via the USB and Wi-Fi.
3.    Go to the selection switch to go for the choice of required mode.
4.    With the USB mode connect the router to your computer and power on the device. The connection manager then will operate automatically with it.
5.    Now how to configure the 3G connection with it.
6.    Go to SETTINGS  and then  USB MODEM CONNMGR
7.    Create and set up a new profile by clicking on the NEW BUTTON.
8.    Select you PROFILE TYPE, then choose the PRECONFIGURED SETTINGS or else you can go for own USER DEFINED PROFILE.
9.    Then choose USER DEFINED PROFILE and then click NEXT.
10.    Then fill your profile name, the phone number, APN, user name and password and the authorization type and if you do not have then get it from your service provider the provider which have given you the pocket router.
11.    Then, click FINISH and you are now ready to connect.

Now you are ready and can connect to the internet simply by clicking on the black connect button. It will turn green and you are connected and to disconnect then click on the green button and then it will turn black, it is very simple.

To configure your Wi-Fi settings:

2.    Select the SSID and then the SECURITY MODE.
3.    Click on the SECURITY MODE DROP DOWN BOX and then select WPA2 SECURITY.
4.    Enter your desired password.
5.    Go to VIEW then USUAGE and then select the CURRENT MONTH tab; you can also go to this setting through CONNECTION MANAGER.
7.    Select TOOLS then PREFERRENCES and select USUSAGE TAB.
8.    Check the LIMIT BY DATA check box and then put a limit on your usages. This is very significant as with the usage you may not know how much bandwidth you have just been exhausted and it is the brilliant idea is to limit the bandwidth so that when you reach at the concerned number then automatically this will disconnect and reminds you the amount of usage you have currently done with.

Some more features:

Now the connecting with the internet part is well done and to go it further how can use this pocket router to send the messages and text messages to mobiles and other phones. You can send, receive, reply and delete the messages within the router and some of the specific pocket routers are designed to this and we will see how it works and functions.
1.    To start messaging click on the SMS tab in the CONNECTION MANAGER.
2.    Left click on the NEW MESSAGE and now you are composing the message. Then, enter the phone number of the person to whom the message will be sent, you can find it from your contracts of sim inserted into router. Then type the message and then click SEND.
3.    You can avail some more features by going to REPLY /FORWARD feature. You can avail for the router own contract system and for this no mobile will be necessary.
4.    To add a contact click on the CONTACTS button. Then, select ADD and then enter the contact name and the phone number. Then, click OK and then the contacts will be saved on your sim card.
5.    You can edit the contact details in some later time by clicking on the CONTACT button, then select the EDIT mode and do the required changes to it and then click OK to save your contact.
6.    Similarly to delete a contact select the CONTACT and then click on the DELETE button, if you want to delete all the contact and start the new contact then SELECT ALL and then hit the DELETE button.



Many a times you could store all your contacts inside the vCards , then you can import them within few seconds .Go to CONTACTS  and then click on the IMPORT button , then select the vCards you wish to import and then click OPEN. You can export your existing contacts by clicking on the EXPORT BUTTON and then select the destination to save into vCards. After the completion of the transfer a message will be displayed and the status of the transfer will be known.

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