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Guidelines for On Line Job Training Report

When & How to Proceed

Short Term Project: Before the end of 1st semester or during 1st semester, the topic of short-term project must be finalized in consent with the Director and will be supervised by the Faculty assigned by the Director.
The visit to the organization or market survey as required should be undertaken during semester break (Winter).
The first draft of the short-term project report must be finalized according to the notified format and submitted to the supervisor within three weeks of commencement of the second semester. Thereafter the, students should remain in touch with the supervisor and carry out the changes recommended, during the presentation and submit the final draft of short-term project along with the examination form of second semester.
On the Line Job Training(OJT) : The topic for the summer training could be either from General Management area or specialized areas. It has to be finalized during the Second Semester, by the students with the identified companies.
OJT committee will be constituted in Ist semester. The committee under the guidance of faculty in charge will finalize the Summer Placement folders/ brochures to be sent to the companies and will make personal contact with the identified companies.
Thereafter the students will also approach the organisations with the introductory letters & the summer training brochures for in -plant training of 8 weeks, extendable upto a maximum of 10/12 weeks from 1st of May to.15th / 31st July as the case may be.
The students must present the letter of consent from the organisation where they have finalized the summer training by the end of the second semester.
The database with respect to Summer Training will be maintained by Summer Training committee.
The students must submit the certificate of completion of summer project from the respective organization within 3 days of the commencement of third semester. The completed project report in the notified format must be submitted within 3 weeks of the commencement of 3rd Semester.
The students must leave the address & contact No. of the organization of summer training, where they can be contacted any time during the period of summer training by the Institute.

IV Semester Research Project:

Research project is to be in the respective area of specialization of each student opted during Semester III. The topic will be decided in consultation with the supervisor assigned by the Director during the third semester and the approved\Synopsis has to compulsorily attached along with the examination form of the Third semester, otherwise the students will not be allowed to appear for 3rd Semester Examination. Form will not be accepted unless accompanied by a copy of synopsis duly approved by the Guide and Director.
The students may thereafter contact the organizations / Institutions for collecting documents, data and other material related to the project. Students may begin the work immediately after the completion of IV Sem. classroom teaching.
The report has to be submitted before the commencement of the IV Sem. Examination, otherwise the student will not be allowed to appear in the examination.


The Institute will announce the schedule for the presentation of the short-term project / summer training reports / research project report. All students are compulsorily required to make the presentation and attend the entire presentation - discussion session. The assessment of the presentation will be part of the evaluation of the project report.
Report Writing
Reports must be written strictly in accordance with the following guidelines.

Volume of the report

The contents of the Survey (Product study) report should be at least 50 to 60 pages. Pages should be numbered. Summer training report should be at least 80 to 100 pages in volume. The volume of Research Project should be at least 100 to 120 pages.
1.    Fonts Used and the format of typing (with 1.5 spacing) as well as paragraph segmentation should be such as to enable easy reading of the contents. The font should be Times New Roman, Font style should be regular and font size should be12. Margin on Left hand side should be 1.5� and right hand side, top & Bottom should be 1� each.
Note for Cover Page and First Page: -
Note:  No logo either of the Co. or of the University  be used on the cover page. "

Note for First Page:

Note: The name of the guide for product survey report (MBA Second Semester) and research project report (MBA Fourth Semester) should be mentioned as that of the Faculty of the Institute assigned by the Director for the particular project. The name for guide for the summer project should be that of the organizational guide from the organization in which summer training was done.


I) Cover Page   
II) First Page or Title Page

III) Certificate from the Guide (For Term end project MBAII and Research Study  MBAIV  and Certificate from the Organisation(For MBAIII)
IV) Declaration by the Scholar

V) Acknowledgement

VI) Preface

VII) Table of   Contents

VIII) List of Table / Figures

    IX) List of Photographs/Maps/Diagrams

X) List Appendixes/Annexure

The above Serial (I) to (X) should be in one page each and serially numbered in roman letter like i , ii ,iii .excluding cover page.
The pages Introduction onward should start with Arabic letter like 1,2,3 etc. till the completion of report.


    The scholar should start writing the report as per the format given in Table of Contents.

Contents:            Page. No.

Chap I    :

-Back Ground of the Study

-Justification /Relevance of the Study

-Identification of Problem Area
e.g. Product life Cycle & Market status    1-
Chap II    :    Objectives of the Study

Chap III    :    Review of Literature
Chap IV    :


    Scope & Research Methodology

- Hypothesis of the study( For ST& Res Study)
-Period of the Study
-Area of the Study

-Sample Design
-Tools of Analysis
-Limitations of study

.    ------
Chap V         Data analysis & interpretation            -----
Chap VI        Observations and Findings                -----
Chap VII        Conclusions and Suggestions                -----



Resume with Photograph (Incase of OJT only)

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