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Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

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Thought of the Kio Rio Scavenger Hunt:

The emotion of great happiness is a wild and exciting undertaking in the hope of a favorable outcome is not the place designed at the end, the ultimate goal for which something is done definitely not a terminus, the real advantage and the enjoyment lies undertaking the travel from one place to another and the delightful relish that goes on with it. Think of a situation, when you will be emotionally charged that arouses the excitement or elicit of a feeling at the journey destinations as well as the path that lead to it. Think about this situation here you will get informal intensifier through the control of Kia Rio through some imaginary driving journey with the awe-inspiring scavenger hunt throughout Los Angeles and the completed drive will be through well groomed neatly tailored with no resistance streamlined use friendly high tech through out the journey and when you reach the destination think about whom you will be meeting with. You will have the small social gathering with Christina Milian at the end of your journey and this is the two amazing thing with one.  Through out the journey you will  with Rio Explorer Page be driving through Kia Rio with high tech and modern wonderful equipments and then at the end of your journey you will meet Christina Milian . So, it will be your greatest prize and at the end of the journey through out Los Angeles you will be meeting with this Hollywood celebrity Go to Rio Explorer Page

Kia has sent two pairs of best friends on the Zip and Dash to Los Angeles geocache challenge in the 2012 Kia Rio 5-door. The team as the cooperative unit will put into service the innovative and intelligent in-car communications and entertainment system that will guide them through the most challenging challenge of driving around Los Angeles with the filled to capacity city with the large amount of people and vehicle roaming in and around the city . Do not worry about it as you are with futuristic and modern with high technology equipped with “Your Voice” innovative solutions that brings the quick user interface to your vehicle multimedia and infotainment system. It is a cutting edge technology powered by UVO Technology from none other than the software giant Microsoft that will guide you for wonderful driving experience. The team of two will maximize the capacity by utilizing Windows Embedded and engrafted Automotive and Microsoft Tellme Speech that will give the mobile digital lifestyles on the go by connecting with you automatically through your speech that can activate video games, connect with their phones and social services. These will guide you to move beyond the difficult time while driving through the city of Los Angeles and help you to reach the destination to meet the Hollywood celebrity Christina Milian . Here is the Rio Explorer Page

Yours speech can automatically in a reflex manner receive and come into possession of the phone calls, you can play yours favorite liking euphony by saying the channels and the location without touching the multimedia components. You can explore the up to date modern Bluetooth technology of Rio Explorer Pagewith the ahead of times USB jack and in these whole environment your journey will be magical a trip to paradise. With the UVO system attached to it you can hear more and connect more and you connection will never be lost again. With the excellent in built high tech navigation system and Bluetooth and go mobile social communication the drive with Kia Rio simply get more and more enjoying and this will give the proper enjoyment for you and your best friend through out the journey. Go to Rio Explorer Page

Kia Motors Corporation fastest growing car brands in the United States over the past decade, founded in 1944. It is Korea's oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles have implemented this system in their car in Kia Motors.

In Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt you are accompanied by one of your best friends to visit the five location with ultra modern high tech enabled Kia Motors for Los Angeles geocache challenge in the 2012 Kia Rio 5-door. I think it is cool offer and you should participate in this and enjoy the destination and the road that leads to it with Kia Rio. These are the fun location and you can do plenty of entertainment and infotainment with this. It is your chance to do plenty of innovative things.

The 5 locations that the contestants visit are:

Go Rio Explorer Page to know more about it.
•    The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round Round – a historic landmark in L.A that has been running since 1937, and is a place where Walt Disney brought his children before building Disneyland. It is a large municipal park at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It covers 4,310 acres of land, making it one of the largest urban parks in North America. (Wikipedia) Here I would like to use the rear camera display of UVO Technology with Rio Explorer Page
•    Amoeba Records – one of the most popular historic music stores in Los Angeles. Visitors can find rare vinyl, CDs, tapes and music memorabilia, and even catch a live show. It is the world’s largest independent record store. Amoeba Music is an independent music chain with stores in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Founded by former employees of nearby Rasputin Records, it opened on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley in 1990. The stores are unusually large given their independent status. The San Francisco store, which opened in 1997 in the Haight-Ashbury district, is especially notable for its size. Occupying a 24,000 square foot (2,200 m²) former bowling alley, the store regularly stocks upwards of 100,000 CDs, vinyl records, and audio cassettes, both new and used. (Wikipedia) Here I owuld use the USB jack to rip throguh my favourite music and then use UVO Technology that can employ, recognize the USB drive play back trough the dash board with my sound command .
•    Rodeo Drive – One of the most expensive and swanky shopping destinations in Beverly Hills. The name generally refers to a three-block long stretch of boutiques and shops but the street stretches further north and south. Rodeo Drive is mostly frequented by tourists as celebrities usually shop in more discreet areas of Los Angeles. (Wikipedia) I shall use the Bluetooth here to track the palm trees and also throguh it browse through and find the most famouse hot dog stand in the world.
•    Pink’s Hot Dogs – An L.A. favorite serving hot dogs named after Hollywood celebrities. Pink's was founded by Paul and Betty Pink in 1939 as a pushcart near the corner of La Brea and Melrose . The Great Depression was still having an impact on the country, and money was scarce. Pink's has named several newer menu items after Hollywood celebrities, some of whom can be seen at the restaurant. There are many signed celebrity photographs hanging on the walls inside; some celebrities have signed more than one photo. (Wikipedia) After finishing the hot dog and then I shall search for the QR code and the clue with my team memebr to find out Christina Milian .
•    The Roosevelt Hotel – Smack dab in the middle of Hollywood Blvd and home to both history and the best parties in L.A. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a historic Spanish-style hotel located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Named after Theodore Roosevelt and financed by a group including Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Louis B. Mayer, it first opened its doors on May 15, 1927. It cost $2.5 million ($33.5 million in today's money or dollars) to complete this twelve-story building which holds 300 rooms and suites. It is now managed by Thompson Hotels. (Wikipedia) Here the navigation part will be used to reach and then there will not be any such problem with the perfect UVO Technology navigation for Rio Explorer Page .

The most challenging location to drive according to me :

The most challenging location to drive according to me for  Rio Explorer Page is The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round Round. With Kia Rio high tech car obviously it will be easier to roaming around. This park is situated at the eastern end of the mountain. The park covers gigantic land. It is one of the largest urban park with hiking and equestrian trails and that is why you will have to take the maximum advantages of Kia Rio in built Bluetooth, USB jack, navigation, rear camera display some that the long and the difficult journey can be overcome easily with this high tech and modern in built go mobile UVO function with Bluetooth® wireless technology connectivity, iPod®/MP3/USB connectivity with satellite receiver packages. While driving you will have to be extra careful with the people roaming here and there and the cyclists slowly passing through dazzling display and in the side ways many production crews are busy walking here and there. The observatory is situated at the tip of the slope in the southern and that is why the driving through this location is challenging and this can be very exciting with high tech modern equipped Kia Rio.

 I would like to take this challenge and at the end of the destination to meet Christina Milian . I would like to take on the challenge with my friend could Zip and Dash anywhere but most likely to be the challenging The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round Round. With Kia Rio high tech car as with the modern equipment I want to conquer the difficulties and want to defeat all the obstacles through enjoyment and would like to meet Christina Milian at the end of the destinations.

Voice-Activated UVO Technology Infotainment System powered by Microsoft:

It is an important discovery with innovative interface that can bring the simplicity and smarter way to browse the user interface related to multimedia and infotainment. It is the unique in-vehicle speech recognition system. Kia Rio has the comfortable looking leather seats with Bluetooth , wireless , voice activated UVO powered by Microsoft  for the infotainment system with beautiful red lighting system through out the car makes it more modern excellence in technological innovation. Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System powered by Microsoft is an important discovery related to this filed with artificial intelligence and smart management of ideas without touching. With your voice or like that of talking you can receive the phone calls , play your favorite music either from your collections or from FM broadcast , change and tune the FM by announcing the name of the stations. There are numerous satellite radio channels also available and you can speak the channels number to activate it. This is so easy and helpful and while driving you do not have to use and employ one of your hand to do this just speak and it wills start to work, so no deviation from the driving and your entire attentions stays with the road and traffic and just by speaking your self the “Voice-Activated UVO Technology powered by Microsoft” will activate it self and then receive the voice command and start to work accordingly. Blue tooth can be activated and also the front and the rear camera can be activated simultaneously to know the details of the traffic and this is helpful especially in terms of high traffic roads like that of The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round Round and with this I can see the entire traffic and can smarter driving through these difficult routes.
This system gives way to Windows Embedded and engrafted Automotive and Microsoft Tellme Speech. It is an advance system meant for augmented super digital lifestyle and it is meant not only for the younger ones but also the experienced one. With this you can give your smarter command to your multimedia, infotainment and navigation tools. With the help of these navigation tools I can simply and easily go through all the routes so that I can finish the destination with ease. This system is flawless and it works tirelessly. With Kia's UVO Technology System you will experience hands-free calling. It employs the user voice to get activated inside the user system. Microsoft Tellme server gathers the voice commands and the navigation for internet and this then use by the map system and the weather system inside your car and this help the driver in command. The integrated camera system both front and back facing is being connected with internet that is being activated through these system and this helps the user to gather the details in and around the vehicle and that give tremendous stimulus to the driver especially deeply crowded roads like that of Los Angeles . Kia motors always famous for innovation and binging newer technologies implemented inside the car and this is the finest and rarest example.

The Kia Rio is a sporty, economical car, it is exhibiting sportsmanship car with appropriate sportsmanlike that of jazzy, gaudy and clean look. It is from spontaneously designed obtained through intuition, reasoning and observation.

I will like to employ the Rear Backup Camera which is very much effective and wonderful while vehicle is put in reverse that employs the UVO Technology's in-dash display to make visible and apparent, it gives readily apparent cleaner images of the totally surrounding conditions at the back side and the far side of the car and that give help, assistance and the service to the car, and removing the unmanageable and this is very helpful to the car driver and this feature is my favorite  and  I will likely to implement it inside it Kia Rio.

Check out this  video:

Watch this video on UVO Technology  and please comment what you have understood from it , this is about some path breaking technology is being use with Kia Rio Rio Explorer Page . Would you like to take this challenge to meet the hollywood superstar then it is absoultely right place you have reached.

Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt with fully integrated communication system by Microsoft technology as a driver you would like to see the control through 4.3 inch touch screen by using your voice as the voice can control the phone, media player or the radio system. This system will ask you for a please say a command as then you utter “FM 102” and the system with a beep sound log in to the radio “FM 102” within the pulse of the second . You can go for your favorite collection by saying as “My Music” and then all of your playlist and the commands will show and play. Then, all your favorite music will start to play again. You can ask for the specific track of the media play back, even it can recognize the USB drive play back trough the dash board. You can do the phone call just by command and receive it. So, you can control the call by using the steering at your hand. It is hands free, voice activated with full color touch screen, rip CD and MP3, rear back up camera all these high technology is built in with Kia Rio smart car with modern high tech in built within it. It is an experience to drive it out.

Find out more about UVO Technology and the Kia Rio at theRio Explorer Page.


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