Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is Bluetooth 3

When we perceive about wireless connectivity between two devices, especially the mobile phones, Bluetooth is the existing leader in this segment whether it is law full or not. It is available in almost every portable computing devices, it is worthy, reliance and trustful and furnish a good transfer speeds. Now, it is available with a lot of television sets, computer motherboards, and car stereo and other non conventional devices are fitted out
with what is necessary, useful, or appropriate Bluetooth devices installed with it. The new standard pattern is augmenting one’s control over gadgets with the help of good mobile devices seems to be the new trend in the digital arena. There is some principle that limits the extent of something in the Bluetooth technology.

When transferring the heavy data within Bluetooth technology, there seems feel of serious flawed have started to show. There is huge problem in transferring the high definition movies, give a certain impression that Bluetooth technology is not capable of containing this device. The large file size seems to be a burden on Bluetooth technology. Streaming the video or audio among devices with Blue tooth technology is not possible with Bluetooth 2.0. Bluetooth has the maximum transfer limits of 2 Mbps and for streaming the higher internet data transfer speed is the requisition.

There are some viable alternative to Bluetooth technology is available in the technology market arena to garner and make use of these. The Wi-Fi/WLAN is with its broader 802.11 standard, which is making possible through a specific action with a speed of up to 100 Mbps. The negative effect of Wi-Fi/WLAN is it requires higher electricity feedback and for this huge battery drain to mobile can be a possibility. It is idea for a small duration of mobile transfer as, if you use it for longer period then yours mobile battery will take a huge toll and in the process after prolonged use the battery may be corrupted at some point of time.

The new Bluetooth 3 released by Special Interest Group is the up gradation from Bluetooth 2.0 and it seems it is born to go fast. It is quite spot on and the increase in speed is apparent and can be seen. Bluetooth 3.0 integrates the 802.11 protocol standard and converting the wireless connectivity to a far more accelerates phenomena. Even at this augmented speed, the Bluetooth unlike Wi-Fi/WLAN will employ its current radio uplink to send the data to the opposite side, thus saving the battery life of mobile phone. But this technology is such that when it detects that user wants to send a voluminous data across, and then it quickly switches back to 802.11 protocol standard and thus boosting the speed up to humongous 24 Mbps.

One more interesting upgrade with Bluetooth 3.0 is it can operate at the same time with multiple connections like the multi tasking. You can have the option of bulk upload of all yours mobile screenshots to yours PC.Hope you enjoy this wirte up please give suggestions if any by going to the comment section. Thanks.


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