Sunday, February 26, 2012

Appraise critically Blackberry Bold 9900

Blackberry is falling backward in the race of smartphone with the advent of Android from Google and Microsoft’s new enigma with mobile phones by taking charge of Nokia with an existing market share and also completely unbelievable renovation with Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango updates. This is really making the Blackberry falls poorly in the race of multi prolonged smartphone market. With the existing price structure of Nokia Lumia courtesy Microsoft touching the 16,000 bracket and the smart phone competition is now surging to middle level customers instead of corporate, MDs.

Blackberry once the leader in this category is surely lacking the innovation, expertise to some extent as it can be observed the awful touch integration with some of the Blackberry devices needs improvement in terms of functional capacities. Now the price structure is competitive and for this huge investment in economically viable organization can survive these cut throat smart phone competitions. With Blackberry Bold 9900, the key board is having most positive qualities. Then touch screen accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities is comparatively fine in comparison with its predecessor Blackberry Torch. To be frank, still there is lot of scope for the improvement in terms of touch screen with Blackberry Bold 9900. It is thinner and slimmer but not better than Nokia Lumia series and also iPhone series. The Blackberry OS 7 has some bug fixes and it needs to be updated quickly so that people will keep faith in this device. While switching the device wizard the Blackberry Bold 9900 simply refuses to bug and it hangs for few minutes, really irritating phenomena while using this class of smart phone. Sometimes this device reboots randomly in between some important work and thus adding to miseries of this Blackberry Bold 9900 . It may be in my case situation but I have heard from some of my colleagues facing such problems and they are really becoming weird with this device. This seems to me a small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse situation. The screen resolution could have been better with Apple and Microsoft clearly making the smart phone screen wider day by day but the moderate to inferior in quality screen resolution of this device is making the life difficult for the user. One positive aspect is the smaller battery life and making this smartphone lighter but the negative part is it has lesser battery life time compared to its predecessor. The app store of Blackberry is as usual good and it needs to be attained properly so that it will not stay behind the race. The market price of this phone is 30,000 but the sad part is the additional storage facility is not so much with it. I have heard about not so good customer services but personally I have not felt that way though. The future proof portion that is available with this phone is the ultimate marketing phenomena the near field communication which will be available at India soon. It has high definition camera phone without the auto focus meant for professionals as the auto focus feature could have been an additional stimulus for the amateur photographers and Blackberry should seriously think about it.

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With the stiff bottleneck competitions among all the smartphone devices categories “Just avoid holding in that way phenomena” is not going to work out. You have to be an innovator that someone who helps to open up a new line of research, technology or art. Blackberry should realise its potential and should hold up its past records and surge ahead with new positive developments and try to cross the competitive river through some new design and product development by rapidly changing entire design and hardware department and making some partnerships and product research so that it can stay afloat in the longer competition. Even an arrogant CEO can find the obvious fault in the product and with the viral bashing or negative campaign through here say can make the product and the company to a negative publicity and thus make a depression into the selling of the product in the long term. No product is permanent here and to stay awake and swim across you will have to be aware of all the new innovation in the product, hardware, software, OS and all other specifications so that the vision of the Blackberry and its successful chain of command in tracking down the vision will be super successful. The board of directors exists for this very reason, doesn’t it?

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