Monday, February 27, 2012

Hold a review on Samsung Wave smartphones

The mobile use inflation is growing exponentially. It seems as if the users of mobile are being added through multiples and from every sector of the society. With the permanent essential requirement to stay connected for being joined in close association through sms, or through voice phones, data channels and smart phones the selecting parameter is obvious. With the advent of middle level smart phones players and they are reducing the price day by day and making and creating the
augmented pressure to the already established smart phone players like Android, Apple, Microsoft and Nokia, Samsung and so on. Now, there is a complete set up of choice for the customers to choose from various mobile categories. What it has
done making and shifting the pressure to the smart phone manufacturers. Now the focus is entirely on the big players and how they can reduce the price of mobile and smart phone so that it will be acceptable by the customers. To day we will discuss about the Samsung smart phones and its vast and scope and will try to analyses its marketing parameters and how it is performing and how it can be a successful venture to compete more with existing advanced players in the smart phone markets.

Samsung has wide range of mobile devices touching many facets and categories of population. Samsung Wave is a good choice for the smart phones and it is popular it seems it is more desirable than the other devices. It has the Bada operating system from Samsung with intensified in value or beauty or quality in terms of graphical user interfaces, the customizations, and the specifications are good to be observed and desired for. The cost factor of this phone is not too expensive, so possible to buy by everyone.

Here ,we can find the simply the countless feature with affordability of price structure and that is very much needed for the Indian consumers , who can spend a lot but they also want quality with price and the price variability. The Wave range of smart phone from Samsung seems to embellish the young Indian persons and try to be more attractive and so one with much desired needed feature addicted to it. The real parameter of this can be a dangerous proposition as with it the other segment of people can be separated and alienated from this range. Samsung tries to attract in the range of Wave smart phones to the urban youth and give a price range which seems very attractive. As per the latest reports Indian youth are now not so much social net working savvy and this could spell the danger for most of the smart phone marketers. As it seem it is an easy option to add many social net working gadgets inside the smart phone with some smart apps and then management with a good tech savvy operating system to attract the youth , but as the youths are now more going towards the Internet and blogging then it can be tremendous challenge for the smart phone thinkers and the analysts to create a newer revivals of the concept of the selling of smart phone devices.

In today's age the integration the act of combining into an integral whole is of significant importance as the flow of ours lives is being shared with some important social net working sites like that of Twitter, Face book, Blogger and so on. Samsung social feed featured on Bada ensures and make certain in future that you will never loose out a single update of video, picture and stories of yours friends. What it has the done it augmented ours the permanent desire to share ours feelings, statuses, likes and ours work schedules with others and vice versa. With the advent of 3G and the talking and hearing of 4G , the Internet is fast becoming the super fast express and with it no waiting and the constant loading of data is not the necessity. Samsung Wave smart phone offers 3G compatibility and if you have this offer then it can assimilate seamlessly with yours device and you can experience the constant speed with lots of super updates form yours Internet social net works. The hardware components and the configurations of Samsung Wave smart phone are good and also there is always the scope of improvement. As we are getting smarter Internet packs with high data connectivity, we desire ours phones to be really smart and their hard wares to be smart, and also there should be no waiting time when we use the multi tasking. It has the clear and lucid LCD and the sun reflect is in the manageable limit. The readability factor with Wave is good and it has powerful batteries for long work hours. The long battery life is significant as you will never run out of yours juice when you need the most. 

Now some of the Wave phone offerings from Samsung:

Wave II:
It is for multi tasking and gaming people. It has 1 GHz application processor with high definition recording facility. It has 16 million colors and 3.7 inch LCD screen. It has high definitions recordings at thirty frames per seconds.

Wave 575:
It is an entry level smart phone with 3G facility. It has Samsung social hub feature, typing is fast and breeze due to the introduction of Touchwiz UI.

Wave 525:
It is in the relatively low price segment and it is the cheapest in this series. It has 3.2 inch TFT screen and Samsung’s social Hub feature which integrates yours social feed at one place. It has GPS and the multiple home screen and lots of gadgets and this phone is popular among much younger lot.


With the stiff completion among the smartphone category after the arrival of Google in the form of Android OS and buying the Motorola and then Microsoft improving hugely the Windows Mobile 7.5 software with mango updates and buying Nokia and announcements of South Korean governments to introduce new mobile Operating systems, entirely the mobile operating system market. Samsung is feeling the pain and with the new Bada 2.0 updates is desperately trying to capture and survive the smart phone market. We can see some major operating system upgrade with this update like that of HTML 5 improvements ,OPENGL ES graphic support for enriching and enchanting wave experience  through accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities .Samsung can survive through this cut throat marketing competitions with good Bada 2.00 updates and a perfect blend of hardware specifications and good integrations of devices and a better customer care can make success a huge achievement for Samsung in the longer run. Thanks.


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