Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to test a smartphone

I am never a smartphone junkie, inclined more towards laptop and high end laptops. It is true fact that buying a smartphone and especially the high end ones has never been an exciting experience. The smartphone is an extremely arousing attention and the power of attracting holding one’s attention device. It has noticeable heterogeneity in terms of operating systems, hardware, customizations and applications. Smartphone is more towards that vibrant and animated group that challenged the
system type devices. The rate of introducing is its devices in terms of new phones, OS updates and hardware up gradation and introduction of new technologies. 

Consisting of derived tradition is that the phone is modern for one year and after that it becomes no longer valid and fashionable. To test a smartphone many and different testing techniques is needed and then you can find the real winner or the smartphone of ours choice.

Run the benchmarks services so that you can directly compare the performances of all its processors, storages, web browsers. Personally, I prefer to use the PeaceKeeper Browser benchmark, it is a standard by which something can be measured or judged. For Android platform run the Quadrant, LinPack bench mark utility. For iOS platform run the Linpack and GLBenchmark , for Windows Phone 7.5 mango updates run the WP Bench and MultiBench and run the cross platform Peacekeeper benchmark in all the OSes.

To test the call quality of the smartphone the signal rating can be divided into two or three parts. Like one is full signal and the other is very low signal and the call quality can be tried and proven to be correct with these signal network. Low signal means the signal with only one or two bars. Points is reduced, less in size with every call drop, voice echo, and audio break situations. The built in speaker was scored on the clarity and loudness parameters through calls and multimedia playback. With the video playback, the multimedia test and additionally the display quality is scored with brightness, sharpness, color depth and black level depth. In this video playback category, the processor and the RAM’s ability to play back the video files with no problems and difficulties. The display quality is of prime importance as; this is the prime importance factor in the multimedia display.

The battery life of a smartphone is of the quality of being important and worthy of note. As with smartphone you are expecting and wishing to carry it through out day and use it for all yours works. The usage patterns included video playback, web browsing and IM chats, game playing and receiving the voice calls with either 3G or Wi-Fi connected throughout. The hardware package has the special weight age accountable to it. If yours phone has the latest dual core processor then it will earn you more points.

The camera part of the phone deals with high points if you have the mega pixel camera with additional points if it has the additional prominent attributes like that of HDR, image stabilization, video stabilization, and Panorama shot. To add it more the camera feature can garner more points through video clarity, sharpness, noise, color depth, fast motion, fluidity and all other amount of tweaking can garner more points for the test.

Last not the least, the Operating System part of the smartphone offers applications, performance and internet plan and the smoothness of the OS, the interval of updates also then the Operating system ecosystem, possible customization, and the features and the tweaks can fetch the higher points for the Operating System.


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