Monday, December 26, 2011

The Indian Railways reservation counter at Puri

For all foreign readers I want to convey the message, India is changing. It is changing thick and fast. Puri is a small town with prime religious significance. The local population of Puri is not very vast but the floating population of Puri is very huge. That is why lots of people come here and stay for sometime after completing the holidays goes to their native places. It has been a tremendous feeling though. Puri is connected through Indian Railways all over India; The Railways Reservation Counter of Puri is at the left side of the station. There are two counters at the Puri station for long distance reservation. The reservation counter opens at 8 A.M. everyday. The problem is that in most of the times in the left counter which is preoccupied with the travel agents for over an hour, till 9 P.M. This is disgusting as the persons behind them will always have to wait over an hour to get the ticket. It seems that the counter clerk inside the Railway Reservation Counter is actively cooperating with the travel agents.


In one such day one person wants to reserve ticket to New Delhi from Puri to attend the interview. He rushed to reservation counter at 7.30 P.M., only to observe that the travel agents are already in the row covering four person’s slot and the person satisfied that he will get the tickets within thirty minutes. There are four persons ahead of him and that will take thirty minutes at best , he still that time do not know those persons ahead of the row are travel agents. He stays at the row adjacent to the wall counter. After one hour was passed, at 9 A.M. He saw the four travel agents seemed to receive a hell lot of tickets as against the well prescribed rule and set of action. He was surprised to knowing this; his wait is becoming more and weirder. Then that person complained to the travel agents, suddenly all the four agents who were at the row tried to get him into and quarrel with him. That person belongs to Puri, the agents not knew of him, that person overpower them in terms of speech and drove them away and supported by other persons at the rows. The million dollar question is why the booking counter clerk is giving the travel agents so many tickets at a time to those travel agents. Why the booking counter clerk is violating the norm? Are there any prior arrangements between booking counter clerk and the travel agents? Why that counter clerk of Railways benefitting them? Why those travel agents getting tickets in fake names?

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