Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More backlinks means more Earnings

Do not just sit after writing. Getting traffic is equally important in order to earn good revenue from your columns. There are number of methods available but the time tested one is building backlinks. Gaining quality backlinks to your columns from relevant sites simply increase the value of your columns in the eyes of search engines.

Not just any back link will do. Only those from sites with relevant topics gets counted. So in order to create more backlinks to your columns, just start talking about them on your blogs, websites, forums and all other sites with similar topics.

More backlinks will mean more traffic and more traffic will mean more earnings. So start growing your earnings immediately.

What is Backlink?

A backlink is any link that you put on another website in order to link back to your own website. This could be put anywhere whether on homepage or internal pages. Both one are effective. What matters most is what are you linking to and where you are linking from.

To gain better results both the sites should have same theme. So for example, if your column is about iPhone 5, you should link it from those sites only who are actually talking about iPhone 5 and not those who have nothing to do with the subject.

How to put backlink?

Just login to the website from where you would be linking to your column from. Go to the page with relevant content and put a link targeting important keyword on that page back to your column here at Expertscolumn.

As most of you are writing on other sites such as Triond, Bukisa, Factoidz, Helium, Associated Content etc as well, so the easy way to build backlinks is to login to those sites, go to the similar topic page there and link it back to your actual column here.

This way you will gain traffic in two ways. Firstly, direct traffic from those sites though very small in number, but Secondly and more importantly from search engines like Google, Bing etc where you have just increased the ranking of your columns by linking back from other sites.Travel and ex-pat living in Budapest, Hungary


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