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Be awesome on Twitter with Buffer

The new kids in town is Buffer, and I am very excited about this tool.The reason I am excited is that I have been using it for five days, and I have already gone Pro.I know it's childish, but every time I play it with it tells me I'm awesome, I feel better inside! I do schedule tweets when on vacation or over the weekend. Your followers will flow if you use buffer. They have a few more features to explore. The buffer guys are helpful too.Buffer tweets for you while you're busy with business or life; just set the time & leave the rest to bfffr! Spreads out all the cool stuff you find so you don't flood your followers with 10 tweets in 5 Min's.

Buffer is designed to offer you a both personal and yet more efficient solution to handle twitter. Buffer makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule tweets. Work out all your tweets at one point in time during the day. Then fill up your Buffer with your tweets and Buffer schedules them for you. Simply keep that Buffer topped up and you will then be tweeting consistently all day round, all week long.

Buffer Founder Joe said:

Straight from Joel: I've always had a passion to understand all aspects of business and to do business in a kind and authentic way. Before founding Buffer I co-created OnePage where I learned a vast amount about the realities of running a web start up. In addition to handling all product design and development, I also provide the key strategic inputs for new goals and love to communicate with customers to discover how Buffer can better serve their needs. Outside of Buffer I enjoy helping others to work on their start ups in a more productive way.


Leo, Community & Coverage:

Leo joined Joel at a crucial time where Buffer was starting to show signs of great early success.

Straight from Leo: I like to see myself as the person acting to spread the word of Buffer in an authentic way so that we can help more people discover a new way to handle Twitter. I love talking to people and I enjoy handling the community naturally forming around Buffer. With regards to the product, I strive to provide Joel with insights from various user experiences so we can make it more intuitive for you to use Buffer.

Buffer has both free and paid plans and the free plan is also excellent with

  • 10 posts in your Buffer
  • 11 Twitter account
  • 11 Facebook account
  • Free browser extensions
  • Free mobile apps
  • Use your details

    Buffer has pro and premium subscriptions options with very few price. With Buffer ,you will; get more followers , you will be always with Twitter,it is simple and easy to use with very few simple steps. With Buffer you can tweet consistently all day long and share great information. You will get more replies and re tweets than you did before and you will attract more people to engage with and follow you. Buffer schedule your tweets to have the highest impact and reach with your followers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Just keep Buffer topped up and you will be the most consistently tweeting person in your tribe.

    My view:

  • Buffer is by far the easiest tweet scheduling app I've used yet, and I've used many apps, including Tweet Deck, Sees mic, MarketMeSuite, Hoot Suite, and others.Great application! What I love is the people behind the app that make it stand out.Buffer App for Twitter - Once you use it, you can't live without it!I must say that the Buffer App is the best tool I've used thus far. You may want to give Buffer App a try, too! It makes automation a whole lot more human.Wouldn't it be useful if you could tweet genuinely and consistently throughout the day without having to schedule each tweet individually? There is a way to do this for free if you use a new on line application called Buffer.In a few words, Buffer isn't just a Twitter tool. Its a web lifestyle tool allowing you to be flexible and entertained while meeting new people who you never thought used Buffer. It is is much better than Hoot suite .I'm using Buffer for some time and truly love it . Rather than scheduling Tweets with instead. More intelligent method .I have never paid for any kind of service to use with twitter.changed that. It is a a pretty slick Tweet scheduling tool! .The human way to schedule tweets to your community. My new favorite tool for myself and my colleagues. Social media management can be tedious, right? I personally love the program, it's so easy to just click on the Google Chrome Extension to get those tweets "buffered".Using Twitter Buffer App I can put the same tweet or RT (re tweet) into the buffer of multiple Twitter accounts ONCE and Buffer App will send them out to each account at a different time! literally saves me 20 minutes every single day, and my followers love it! A Must Have For Syndication -
    Yay for less headache for all parties!Inviting you to use
    to tweet, you will be surprised how it will help you do more tweeting while you're busy working! I love the idea, it's really well thought out and I think will provide a lot of value.Buffer is this very cool app for Twitter that I just can't get enough of.Twitter easy & efficiency = Buffer. Love the drag&drop feature.The magic begins after you've set up an account with Buffer.Buffer App makes scheduling Tweets faster and easier.

    Ready to try Buffer? Get started with it now for free.

    Get extra features for free! It is complementary:

    Get space for one extra post in your Buffer for each friend you invite. Your friend starts with an extra space too! This is aw some and it only happens with Buffer.

    Invite a friend who uses Buffer and Buffer will give both you and your friend space for an extra post in your Buffer.  thanks!

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