Thursday, May 26, 2011

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 reviewed:2

Adding animations to yours project with WLMM:

Animation effects provide mobile transitions effects between clips so that the space between clips can be well documented and decorated and the time of transitions between clips can be managed and democratized . For the go to ‘Animation’ tab from the ribbon interfaces. Both Videos and photos can be animated with some additional effects can be employed with photos.

Adding music to yours project with WLMM:

Go to WLMM ribbon and then ‘Add’ section on the Home tab and select ‘ Add Music’ from it. The duration and bit of music time will be adjusted automatically with yours project length. Just in case yours movie is longer than the songs you have just selected then ‘Add music at the current point’ option from ‘Add music ‘ option which suo motto appends the new track after the previous one.

In addition to it audio fade in and fade out option can be corroborated into yours project.. To do this go to ‘Option’ tab of the WLMM ribbon then go to ‘Music Tools’ ,select the audio clip and then select the fading speeds between Slow, Medium and Fast.

Make a video with just a few clips with WLMM:

Go to WLMM ribbon then go to ‘Home’ tab then go to ‘auto movie themes’ from it. Here you can create a ready-to-go movie.


WLMM is a basic professional tool to create and demonstrate yours video footage into a professional quality presentation. You can make it interactive by recording yours sound with it, you can make auto movie without bending yours back and professional quality products can be done with it. In the business presentations yours interactive video present with audio and visual treat can have a specific impacts on the audiences. The age of YouTube and broad band can be a boon as you can make a simple and wonderful movie and upload to yours YouTube channel for the visitors enchanting and demonstration. The only down side is cannot be used with Windows XP. The buzz is you do not need a team to do this, as you can all by yourself complete it in no mean time. DVD burning in Movie Maker is dependent on Windows DVD Maker, which is only available in Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows Vista Ultimate editions.

Downloaded through Windows Live Essentials 2011. ( It is available for Windows vista and Windows 7. Windows XP users can not use this software.

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