Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get Softmaker Office 2008 For Free

You can get softmaker office 2006 for free by logging into this site .. Till now the product is permanently free and you can avail this opportunity now. The program runs on Windows (XP and above) and Linux, and comprises a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation graphics components.  During installation you can have option to install it as portable version or you can install it as an full version. It is an alternative to MS office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice .

Softmaker office is quick and very stable and reliable and you can save yours documents in MS office formats. This programme is a 59 MB download and can be a pain for dial-up users.Considering the download of MS office this download of Softmaker office seems good and maintainable. You will have to prove a email address as part of yours download process and Softmaker will send you the serial no. and the download link to that email address. As far as providing the email id there are various temporary email address service providers , you can avail those in order to if you think to prevent the spams.

Softmaker from time to time provide some free fonts to the user. In their emails, they provide a free font of the month.

SoftMaker Office 2008 comes with the following applications:

The Microsoft Word compatible word processor that's so easy to use that you'll begin to wonder why you struggled with Microsoft Word for so long. The Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet that opens and saves all your Excel workbooks and comes with many time-saving functions. The presentation-graphics program that not only lets you access all your PowerPoint files, but also makes your life easier with many additional features.

You can now download a fully functional and permanently usable version of the SoftMaker Office 2008 office suite from here

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