Monday, May 23, 2011

Know yours digital camera

There are various modes for photograph shooting is available for yours digital camera. Some times it is an awkward situation to know all these. In this following article we will know about more common modes of photograph shooting. After going through this article you will enhance yours knowledge database on basic digital camera features and shooting modes. Further , when shooting if you cannot find the right and correct setting then this article will be of yours help in choosing the right setting for yours photograph.

Action mode or sports mode:

Best for sports action shots. In this mode shutter speed is selected at the highest level , getting you a clear and lucid display of shots of yours favorite sports photograph.

Sand and snow mode:

When the back ground is white and lightening or any light passes through the background making the main object of interest for shooting a redundant this mode is useful for this.

Night mode:

When you are shooting in the night or with low visibility with night mode on yours camera enables the Flash and fast shutter speed .

Landscape mode:

For outdoors pictures only. This mode automatically selects the aperture speed and shutter settings to shoot more wide and distant out door pictures.

Movie mode:

Use this mode to record yours small movie in yours digital camera.

Macro mode:

Opposite to landscape mode. Capture images nearby, capture life like size images , Here focus will be minuscule.

Shutter mode:

Best for action photography almost similar to sports mode. Here you can make shutter speed high to freeze a moving picture and shutter speed tto low to capture the moving picture or picture in motion.

Manual mode:

Completely depends upon user’s capability and it is meant for professional photographers as amateur can destroy their shoot with it without proper knowledge entire images can be destroyed. In this mode you have all the settings at yours finger tips and you have to manually adjust all the settings before the capture or shot. You do not have safety net and you are exposed to under or over exposure of yours photograph.

Aperture mode:

Want to make picture background blurred and focus more on the picture or object , rather than the back ground focus then this setting is best for you. Shutter priority is automatically detected to shoot yours above said nee


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