Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 reviewed:1

Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) the new incarnation of Windows Movie Maker , is now available to Windows 7 . It is a video editing software. WLMM 2011 can be downloaded through Windows Live Essentials 2011. ( It is available for Windows vista and Windows 7. Windows XP users can not use this software. WLMM is a basic video editing software. Windows Live Photo Gallery installation is necessary with the installation of WLMM.


Create project by using videos and photos through Windows Live Photo Gallery. Customise yours collections with various mobile transitive effects say zoom and pan, visual styles, captions etc. Integrate and customise yours collections from yours music collections and other various compatible tracks.

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 reviewed:1

Various smart wizard and auto movie themes which can make the process of creating the project complete automation. Instant preview of yours project , sharing yours project or movie to websites like You Tube, Facebook, Windows Live Sky Drive or through various other sites through downloadable plug-ins . After finishing then project burn it into any DVD with the DVD authoring softwares or built in softwares into the Windows.


User interface of WLMM is Fluent User Interface introduced by Microsoft from Office 2007. Through this interface user’s confusion is reduced and more help ful options appears smoothly. Average user’s working time reduced due to the culmination of all the functionality in the ribbon user interface.

How to create a movie project with WLMM:

Click on the “Add videos and photos” from Add group and then select the file of yours choice , if you want to select multiple photos or videos then press and hold [Ctlrl] and select multiple photos and videos. You can trim the video with WLMM. If you want certain particular part of the video for yours project then you can trim that video. Original files remains unaltered with the trimming.

Go to the ‘Edit

Tab on the ribbon from ‘Editing group.and then select ‘Trim Tool’. Point exact start and the end point of the segment you want to save then ‘Save Trim’ to save yours trim. Short cut to trimming is ‘I’ key which is initialization the starting point and the ‘O’ makes the end point of trimming which signifies the over.

Adding visual effects to the project:

From WLMM workspace go to ‘Visual Effects’ tab. There are lots of choices for still and video effects integration , just hover yours mouse and you can preview the effects before implementing these to yours project. ‘Multiple effects ‘option can be a handy tool if you want to integrate a set of available effects all at once. There are options of undo and redo available in case some wrong steps you have invaded.


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