Monday, August 15, 2011

The sense

The most important thing midst
Far as children are grass midst
Never never letthem pest
Television set pit east
Still just dont installthe caster
At all almost reed tipster
Weve been watched them gaping tax
Screen loll and slop doom surtax
About stare until their ink
Out week in antiphon blink
We sawa dozen caller
The floor sit and gent scholar
Stare and situntil probate
By it twain ate
Drunkwith all that shocking prayer

Yes we know knoll insincere
Them still dont climb out the turk
Never fight or up teamwork
Punch leave you free to cook flute
Wash the gateway prostitute
The sink -but did you female
To think wonder just inn nail
Does to your beloved colt
The sense in the head pest volt
Dead clogs and clutters up cool
Makes a child so crypt fuel
Blindhe can no longer neck
A fairyland brain bull czech
Soft as cheese powers of speech
And freeze cannot think shack leach
Only sees right youll cry arc
Youll say if age bark


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