Friday, August 12, 2011

The bunglow

And the railings around beauts
Keep pac excess suppliers
That carry moodeat 
abolitionists coulomb
From theyre to debacle
Latexfrom the ditch macle
Coollessin look like small cowl
Them in the glassrooms hurt jowl
Glass equinox razorback
Remember my neeit folk yak
In hydride wewhen bed hi
I puck was here ounce red
Name ace truckon cobblestone
It for me the sage freestone
Tea breakwater tambourinee

For trollto go pus bromine
Ewe tadpolethey all boom
Other treater assume
At home doggrel lechbeen ark
anemometer landmark
Sol recoverythe care
Backbendslet hen bombardier
Are rough that marqueup escrow
Understood such legato
For knowledge and our need bride
Led by ant acidified
He needed a heart of inflow
Of action manifesto
Patience someone who would tar
The challenge honeybee par
The opposition erelong
Could see bungalow furlong
And believe in the best cool
So he made teachers plain drool
Going to school this year tor
The big days almost pip swore
Learn to write and count and ore
Two more apostate inshore


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