Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Build your own robot:Multimetre

Continuity between two points:

Set the Multimeter knob to continuity; place the probes of the Multimeter in between points to be checked for continuity. If there is a beep then the connection between the measured portions is there.

Resistance between two points:

Turn the Multimeter know to resistance measurement the select the upper value of resistance randomly. Place the probes of the Multimeter in between points to be checked for resistance. The unit of resistance is ‘ohms’. If
you see 1 ohm then you it is inappropriate so you have to select the higher value for it.

Voltage difference between two points:

Alternatively it is called as checking the DC voltage difference. Set the know to point to the direction of voltage measurement and hold the probes across the point you wish to measure voltage. The upper limit is detected just like similar to the case of resistor. If the voltage value is negative this means the polarity is turned inside out.. So, interchange the red and the black cable and correct the polarity. Then cost of multi meter is more according to its capacity and the number of quantities it can measure. In ours case a basic Multimeter would suffice.

Multimeter is an important element in building robot or humanoid. We will be using it at various stages and in various situations while building ours simple robot and learning in making the simple robot.


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