Monday, June 20, 2011


fromCZ.CC Network to

We are calling to you to help us bring CZ.CC back to Facebook and allow us all to post our favorite CZ.CC domains on our profiles and pages again.

A few months back, Facebook decided to block the whole network and prevented anyone from posting the word "" in any form. This happened after a few people abused some CZ.CC domains, which were quickly identified and deleted within days.

But since then, Facebook has not "unblocked" CZ.CC and has refused to communicate on the reasons behind this decision.

"Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected." This should not mean blocking almost half a million domains when only a few were used to breach their terms of services.

For almost 2 years, CZ.CC has been a pioneer in creating and distributing free domains, and we've worked continuously to improve our service and reach a growing number of people every day.

Today, the CZ.CC network counts over 400,000 domains and 230,000 users from virtually every single country in the world. It is ranked in the top 500 of the most visited sites on the web, and has about 100 million page views per month.

If you also want to be able to post CZ.CC links on Facebook again, please join our official support group: "CZ dot CC Facebook Unblock - Help Legalize CZ dot CC"


With your support and contribution, we are confident Facebook will soon allow us again to advertise our domains on their network.

the CZ.CC team.


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