Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Build your own robot: PCBs and Breadboards:2

With breadboards you do not have to touch the soldering of iron. There are lots of holes in the breadboards and those holes are internally connected into various groups. You can insert yours component terminal into these holes to make or break a connections. There can be some problems with breadboards. There are some breadboards with very tiny holes; even you cannot insert leads of voltage regulators such as 7805 into it.  It is advisable, before buying check and inserts a 7805 into breadboard into it as its legs are slightly thicker. Before buying the breadboard ensures that every section has correct
connections that are you have to ensure that at no point there should be a faulty connection. Buy a good quality breadboard as with the passage of time and with heavy usage the internal circuit diagram of breadboard may get loose and becomes faulty. A good quality breadboard can survive from this easily.

The advantages of using the breadboards:
You do not have to solder at all. You can design circuit and build circuits simultaneously a advantageous posture for newbie. As you are not soldering, then you can recycle or reprocess once you are finished with the project thus you save money, time and also there are lots of scope for experimentation.


Use single strand wires that is the wires having single conductor within the insulator coating , Use wires that can fit in between two holes connected so that it will stay tight and straight. When you are in doubt of connection between two holes, then safety pin usage can be utilized, insert safety pin in both the holes you are in doubt and then check the continuity the uninterrupted connection or union.


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