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VIPRE® Antivirus 2012- best antivirus

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We live in a world where our personal computer acts as our consorts and hence the responsibility of their security falls squarely on our shoulder.  In the ever changing world of global data communications, inexpensive internet connections and fast-paced software development, security is becoming more and more of an issue. The situation is aggravated by the fact that no computer system can ever be completely secure, as hackers and crackers coming up with new ways to interpret and alter your data-even as you read this. The rising popularity of computer has caught the attention of hackers. By the time you are done with this writings, you will be aware of the ins and outs of computer and personal computer security and above all in this write up I will be revealing about the most brilliant and up to date anti virus utilities, so that you can be assisted and always be one stop ahead of such cyber attacks.

The year 2011 was remarkable in many ways. For people who make their internet security top priority, it will be remembered as a year that was full of events that exposed our internet security vulnerabilities and made u wonder how safe we are using the web. In this write up I will be revealing about an antivirus which is more than capable and it can sustain the dean and rustle of the world of internet and make you feel safe ahead and secure all the way through out. There is new wave of social attacks on the user from all angles- via social media accounts, email accounts, game providers.

VIPRE is GFI Software’s security solutions line.  VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 does not slow down my personal computer. It is very light on system resources. It modifies the performances to perform at its best by blending and coalescing anti-spyware and antivirus together in each other company into a single exclusive ace strong enough to knock down and overwhelm all malwares that are swimming in the internet. It is consistent and the reality that unlike other antivirus programs you would not even notice and perceive the existence of VIPRE is running campaigning to save your personal computer all the time in a relentless manner. VIPRE has worked to function to reduce many pop-ups that are tending to disturb the user while working with personal computer. Malware detection tends to protect and prohibits unauthorized scripts from web pages and website that are infected. VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 is extremely popular around the world; it is being actively used by 50 million people spread across 165 countries, speaking in 15 different languages. The installation, signature updates took about 14 minutes on my Windows XP SP3 fully updates test personal computer. The full scan took about 48 minutes and subsequently the other scan took about 20 minutes with the advent of optimized scan, it tends to scan and detect safe programs and that is why the later scan time is reduced. It is high on performance.  I have been using the previous version of VIPRE® Antivirus 2011 and now the newer version, both the versions are excellent in scans, the newer version is more with speed and both versions have almost similar interfaces apart from the increase of speed in newer version and this is what really matters the most for the user. The customization in the advance menu is very easy, though most of the work can be done from the basic menu and it is fast and very easy to handle. In the test system, this is deliberately affected with malware; it installed easily on that test system and then detects all the sample malwares which I have put in the test system. In the rogue security software detection test other wise known as scare ware VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 able to detect all theses scare ware and remove it easily and clean the system and bring it back to perfect situation. It also catch any active malware that is hugely affecting the memory system and that is why in this way it keeps your system running fast by stopping all the memory based malwares. VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 also has the ability to contact to cloud to get it back the relevant information related to any sort of new and advance malware. In this way it can get more than needed information about any suspect or threat from cloud. As usual its web protection is nice and safe as it will stop all the malware sites from any web browsers or mail clients you use easily , the list get updated with each and every updates and  from here any new malware sites can be blocked and also white list and black list can be generated from here. In rootkit test all the rootkit samples has been blocked by VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 and it performs more than satisfactory. It proves in over all  personal computer security VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 is best and way ahead among it competitors. It is one of the smartest and lightest antivirus out there, it does not affect the system at all and from previous versions it does reduce 15 percentages of boot time and which is appreciable and 10 percentages of program load time .It had no impact on the web browsing and computing browsing time and also its web blocker while blocking any suspicious malicious web pages it does not have any such impart on computer. The initial installation is thirty mega bytes and the subsequent updates after you put the registration key into the antivirus dashboard are of well over two hundred mb. The task bar indication of VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 is of different nature and the different color of it shows the various status of it.  Blue indicates the antivirus is idle and all the other system services and active protection are running smoothly, yellow indicates the warning icon and it is showing that some thing needs to be done; red indicates that the service is not running and something needs to be done. By hovering the mouse over it you can know the status of your antivirus, you can also right click and open it to know the exact status of it and from here you can start and shut down the antivirus.

I try to overtake its task master wit some specialized software but happily Vipre said access denied and blocking that nasty ware and it shows that this program can protect itself and also important computer processes and this is really needed in case any such remote attack on your computer through open ports. In the PCFlank's Exploits Test VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 firewall successfully defended the system. It is full proof. I use several virus files from, a virus testing site and VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 successfully defended all these without any hesitations. Then, I use to test spyware module and VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 performs magnificently and it does stops all the nasty spywares and keep my test system clean and unaffected.

Every month, close to 3 million new viruses and malwares menaces bring into existence. With VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 your PC is kept safe and is defended from danger or injury or loss. It fights back your digital experiences from identity thieves, spammers, hackers, root kits, zombies. Internet worms, browser hijacker, phishing, spywares, spam, mouse trapping, network threats, hidden data and cyber criminals without decelerating your personal computer experience.

VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 shields, assists and defends your computer from danger, injury, destruction, or damage from viruses and malware as well as your personal and fiscal data and entropy ‘from bready eyed despiteful malevolent poisonous online menaces . It detects, amends rectifies and repairs viruses, spyware, root kits, bots, Trojans and other malware by way of single exclusive brawny, hefty and powerful anti-malware engine.

It has advanced elevated boosted anti-rootkit technology that ascertains, determine, detect and encounter blotted out, concealed enshrouded, hidden out and veiled processes, threats, modules, services, files and alternate data streams (ADS) on user systems . It affords and commits eminently high geared function on personal computer security surety. VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 employs boosted forward looking technology in an orderly and efficient manner to scan big mass of data and information responsively in rapid manner with least possible carrying into action functioning encroachment consequences. It supervises assist and shields from danger against malware threats and menaces, in real time. It gets the strategically advantages effectively by leveraging multiple detection catching methods including heuristics, behavioral analysis and traditional signature based technologies to break down , canvass and dissect malware antivirus, anti-phishing email security.

Its protection includes intensive examination testing all inclusive and all-encompassing protection, shelter and security against email viruses and phishing scams, with direct command with authority support for Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and any email program that uses POP3 and SMTP.

VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 includes the functions of responsibility of remote device scanner that self scans removable drives and files for threats and menaces.

System essentials and necessities:

Your personal computer must confirm to accompanying prerequisites in order to run VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 in an effective and efficacious manner.

Sustainable Operating Systems:
    Windows XP SP2+ (32- & 64-bit)
    Windows 2003 Server SP1+ (32- & 64-bit)
    Windows Vista, Vista SP1+ (32- & 64-bit)
    Windows 7 (32- & 64-bit)
    Windows Server 2008+ (32- & 64-bit)

Installation is not defended on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, Win 2000, XP with SP1 or older, Macintosh or Linux computers.

1 GHZ Computer with 512 MB of RAM (memory) and 300 MB of usable free space on your hard drive.

Other requirements:
1.    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
2.    Internet access for definitions updates (broadband advocated)
3.    2x CD-ROM if you are having the CD transported  to you
4.    Point 3 is prerequisite requirement for online download transfer of data.

Confirmed Email Clients: (Enforces to Email protective cover)

1.    Microsoft Outlook 2000 or fresher , including Outlook 2013
2.    Outlook Express on Windows XP
3.    Windows Mail on Windows Vista
4.    Other email products that employ SMTP/POP3 for corresponding messages including Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and galore of other mentioned supported email clients.

SSL and TLS security certification protection protocols are only confirmed and defended with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Outlook Express.

Detection of Trojan viruses:
 A Trojan virus seems lawful beyond boundary, but once it acquires into the computer wreak havoc. When you click on a Trojan program it does look like that the program fails to start up. It can change the appearance of your computer or it can make it look like some weird programs or it can make you personal computer slower, it can destroy significant files from your computer and can stop any important process from running. VIPRE recognizes, distinguishes and describes the behavioral prominent attributes of Trojan viruses and barricades and catches them before they can damage, hurt and injury your personal computer.

VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 can discover, detect and observe fiscal malwares and password stealers popularly known as key loggers. They intrude into your fiscal books and records and hack your online banking accounts and other entrusted private security information. These are developed by password stealers to steal money from your bank accounts. It is an astonishing fact that VIPRE Lab make cognitive processes and recognizes and processes 50,000 new malware samples per day, in some other days it crosses about well over 100,000 samples distribution and looking thoroughly these kind of malware to secure you passwords and fiscal information.

Internet worms are often used to infect a large number of broadband connected computers with remote controlled software.  An internet worm works differently than viruses. Worms spread via networks and consume bandwidth. If you have ever wondered why your network is slow, your computer could be infected by a worm. They will have many malicious effects such as causing server to crash, render a user’s files unusable or create a backdoor to track a computer. Worms takes reward of the existing essential constituent part of the computer that is holding the file sharing operations or transfers the data and files from one place to the other or to another computer. The major problem with it that it can copy the files over and over again and thus it can store huge data on your hard drive and this can have huge impart on system resources and with due course of time and course it can shut your computer down by overriding the memory part and this is huge as within you can lose essential data and other elements hat is building into your computer. It can steal your information and personal details and then send it tom your friends and it can have capacity in the long run to send some bad messages in the name of yours to yours friends. VIPRE closes internet worms by shutting down their processes that admittance to your personal computer before they can inflict damage upon your personal computer.

VIPRE implements non-encroaching, incursive, invading and non trespassing approach in malware spotting and detection and it is of superior quality in performance and higher ranking and super ordinate than many other leading anti-virus products. While scanning, you can work or play on your computer without breakdowns, disruptions and intermissions. You are always safe from any such malwares and your personal computer and privacy stay secure and safe within your personal computer.

If you have used VIPRE before you must be acquainted wit the fact that how it is easy to download and install and the entire process of installation is very easy even a twelve year old can install it. It is significant to remove any such antivirus or spyware programs before installing this software. In my case I have removed Microsoft Security Essentials and Super antispyware, before installing this on my system. VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 does come with antispyware so I have removed the free version of super antispyware from the system. Please be sure to remove all the antivirus software before installing VIPRE. VIPRE makes strong and vivid impression. It scans more quickly and it has better detection rate. CPU and memory usages are virtually nothing; CPU remains at the original state and almost zero memory usages nothing to mention about and that why VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 does win the race due to its excellent memory management. The principal screen has bold buttons and clearly visible. When you go for advance tab navigation then it opens with a separate window. Its interface is simple and genuine and clearly definable and you can easily navigate and get to know which task is to perform and in which manner. The installation process is being made excellent by cut down non essential processes it is just like an aero dynamic process at work. It does stresses on the statement of fundamental facts or principles and from which other rules can be easily derived and arrived into. No need to reboot after installation process, it is installed with some sort of sensing artificial intelligence default settings that helps you protect you right from the start.

The technical support is of very high quality and in each of the links there is also mentions about tech support and its support is fantastic and wonderful with very helpful assistance and this is nearly makes this product a winner all the way. A good tech support does mean a happy and glad customer and with it go the customer relations which can be attributed to its maxim in the long run in building a brand to the level of success. Tech support is free and even the virus removal and this is the most surprising and excellent part of VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 as some other big names in the similar industry charges hefty prices for virus removal and this is really surprises many. Immediately after the installation, virus updates starts and it does make this software more secure because of this attribute. The user interface comprise of protection status, last and next scan times, subscription expiration date, these are displayed in the beginning of the screen, from here you can enlightened the scan or download definition updates in a zippy.

There are two most noticeable extra features and both are relating to personal computer security, those are PC Explorer and the Secure File Eraser and with it you can keep your computer more secure, with PC Explorer you can inspect whether any such malware processes are running or not and with Secure File Eraser you can delete not so deleted file completely and in this way your personal computer stay healthy and secure. VIPRE’s PC Explorer is better coordinated and engineered to perform daintier task that Windows Task Manager. With Secure File Eraser, when you delete with it, it erased permanently so in a manner it secures your privacy as with any such of data recovery software these cannot be recovered, unlike Windows delete functions which stays at Recycle Bin and then also it can be recovered using data back up software. This is significant as with some forensic software and spyware data once deleted with computer delete system can be recovered but once data deleted with Secure File Eraser , it cannot be recovered and it is great for privacy and data security especially when you are dealing with passwords and other related information regarding fiscal and other data management. It repeatedly overwrites the old space to ensure maximum data eraser from hard disc drive. I this way the concerned data is ruined, spoiled and destroyed.

No gamer mode is required for VIPRE as it does rely on speed, accuracy with true value and dependability and for this while you are playing game on your personal computer, it does not lag even in its present form and that is why the simplicity that does matter with it and that is why it does win many hearts for its outstanding achievements. Due to its large amount of research and processes concerning the internet, even most modern malwares stay outside from your personal computer if you have installed VIPRE® Antivirus 2012.

VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 , the latest version has any more improvements than the previous versions with nice integration and cooperation among different modules and it is getting more faster in terms of operation , detection capacity , malware catching and also boot time loading. It is a brilliant choice for securing your computer. The software is proactive and prevents me from downloading any such malicious files. The interface is simple and it is bold and all the categories within the interfaces can be clearly legible and workable to its maximum. It has a very strong antivirus engine, it has fast on demand scanning and its on access protection is brilliant and does not consume memory, it has a brilliant email filter simply integrates with your default medium and keep safe from all the malicious and spammer contents, browsing protection scans and checks your downloads for security and it scans removable drive for threats, it is simply a brilliant versatile, simple and honest antivirus with smartness attached to it. It does not slow down your personal computer even when scanning. There is also an option to reduce the priority of the scan and with this you can reduce the load on system resources further by implementing this feature.  Automated scheduling of virus scan is automatically cancelled if your net book or laptop with VIPRE® Antivirus 2012 installed is on battery and this feature is highly appreciated. Its active protection delivers and performs the real time monitoring and also protection against known and unknown malware threats ‘.Active Protection works inside the Windows kernel (the core of the operating system), watching for malware and stopping it before it has a chance to execute on your system. It is uniquely designed to reduce the computer frustration by using the next generations technology coupled with high powered anti virus and spyware engines it does performs exceedingly well faster boot times, few popup, and a broad-range of detection and remediation of viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware.

Unlike older antivirus programs that have bolted on antispyware or antivirus modules to their existing software, VIPRE is designed to optimize overall performance by melding antivirus and antispyware together into one, single, powerful tool. This combination of technologies gives you high performance software that doesn't slow down your PC, is low on system resources, and makes it easy to protect your PC from the bad guys.

With its next-generation technology, VIPRE means powerful protection against today's highly complex malware threats. No more sluggish PCs, system slowness, and resource headaches of older antivirus programs!

VIPRE is in a league of its own when it comes to antivirus software; VIPRE is clearly one of the best antivirus program available today.

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