Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Triond syndrome

Triond is a syndicating blogging plat form to earn money by writing articles. Here, you can submit the small articles and big articles. Most of the time the approval period is not that time that will bother you. The plat form is quite a neat one and also it is very vast and clean and you can on the first instance get to know the details of it and also with its tabbed version just like blogger page style, you can browse all the information needed and then can vouch for Triond. It is easy. At first you have to reach half a dollar mark to get the payment. Triond believes in genuine visitors and the inherent money attached to it is also counted according to it. It is also advisable not use your ad sense with Triond, instead go for Chitka option.

The Chitka option here is bit confusing, like other related earning sites where you will have to put your Chitka use id but here the Chitka is used as premium option and that too from Triond itself so you should not be bothering about creating your account with Chitka and put the user name. What is great with Triond is the sheer amount of analytics it is giving in its front page as well as in its subsequent pages. The stats of the earning may not be correct, though it is updated from time to time. You should be sure that what the stats you are seeing at the dash board are not of real time instead these are from behind one day or so. That is why, from time to time you should also realize that the stats you are seeing at the dashboard are of one day late so you should not be bothered about it in what so ever manner.

You will be getting certain percentages of ad serving on your articles and those ads will be served by Triond, if it is Ad sense then the earrings can be seen in your respective ad sense accounts.   So, if you are not opting for ad sense accounts then it is the Triond which will look after all of your articles and its revenue generations. There is no calculative approach to get the viewers as it can be of high quantity but your earnings could not be the same so, be prepared for the worst at first and also after you reach the minimum pay out limit, you are going to put your pay pal email address if you opt it for and then your address and then after some time the money will be into your account. The posts you will be posting can be of various connotations like that from the beginning of science, about writing, culture, women, and technology and so on. The dash board to post is very simple and also it is advisable to use minimum load on the article so that it will be indexed more often than not.

In one of Triond article I read that its articles are not being indexed by Google but it is not right as the trend is happening though it may not be catching up in the front page of Google search but it is being indexed by Google apart from some syndicated sites of it that is being banned.  You do not worry about article views here as there are dedicated communities , though they are selfish in nature , if you comment their articles then they will do the same and for this , you will have to continually participate and comment other articles and you will be surprised to see others also do the same to your articles.  This process does seems like bit of selfish nature as others will only comment if they see that you are also seeing their article but it still works and if in this way with the highest comment among other articles in that particular segment , then it will feature in the top ten list of articles. If your article is featured in the top ten lists of any of the article syndication website of Triond then yours article visibility is now higher and more and more friends will be increased by going and clicking on your Triond personalization page and they will add your friend to you.

This is an awesome concept as yours worlds whichever may be and in whatsoever quality if approved will be praised by many and some real nice comments and appreciation will be waiting for you. You should add friends by visits respective Triond profile so much so that when you publish any article that will be published on your friend’s dashboard and thus giving you one visitor automatically and this concept enables others to make more and more friends so that whenever you post and approved your article then it will be shown next to your friend  dashboard and the number of friends you make the similar number of visitors count will be there and also these will be visible on your friend profile and for this  you get more visible as your articles will be visible to all of your friend dashboard and for this it is of high chance that they can catch the article from their friend stream and then they can make comment for like it and all these are countable as the visits and for this Triond is a unique concept.

In the content dashboard all of yours article with unique views and other information are available and from there you can post to different social networks so that these will get some of the views and it is also advisable to post individual article to different social networks and you should habitually make this to perform for better search engine optimization. Triond also suggests the best key words and from which you can search and research for the articles based on that key word and then write the article in yours own word to make it more popular and also grab the much required Google attention. It is also advisable to write on topics of beauty and tries to write genuine articles and do not submit that article after getting approved by Triond to any other similar sites and for this genuine efforts is needed.

Many a times many authors at Triond try to post about twenty to thirty articles per day and it can be termed as spam and this problem occurs and if some one is making such that and it happens to be your friend then try tom remove friend so that your dash board will not be preoccupied with one person post and for this it is better to get and find the spammers so that you will not fall within inside of your dashboard. In this way you can see all other posts from your friends in your dash board so that you can book mark and comment them for reciprocal. If you are Triond and try to make huge sum of money then it not for you. It is the culmination of a brilliant social network which has not yet been discovered or not known publicly and also it is some sort of an earning network, with which you can get some money to show what you have been doing here. It is genuine and it has class to survive and it is serving through all of its dedicated members. It is a sheer pleasure to get your work published and being appreciated by many and suggestions from many and also it is the platform at the end of the month you will find that there are visitors to your profile and they are busy reading with your work and also you get some payment for your efforts. Try it and you can sign it from this referral link. .


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