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Skin care in summer and winter

Skin care in summer:

Your skin requires more attention in summers. In summer there are many chances of sweating.  Due to exposure to the sun and hot winds the complexion of the skin becomes sallow. Pores get clogged and the skin cannot breathe. If you have the dry skin then stream once a fortnight is good and if you have greasy skin stream once in a week. For streaming at home the procedure is very smart. Boil water in a pot and then put your face on it and feel the rising stream and then spread a towel on your head to place all the streams from escaping out side. After this sprinkle your face with ice cool water and feel the coolness from there and with this the volatile pores in your face will be closed. With regular habit of this keep your face glowing. During summer it is advisable use soap at least once in a day. It is important to keep clean your face and neck with good conditioned and milk. For oily skin you can use good astringent. Then sprinkle your face with water and then use ice cube to massage your face. Before going to bed a smooth facial massage with cream and the quantity of cream needs to be less so that it will not be greasy.

Skin care in winter:

The cold and the coolness that goes on with winter many a times can be catastrophe and in order to check this some care needs to be taken and that should be the habit so that it will not be problematic for you in the long run. IN winter chapping of skin becomes a common problem. Dry skin in cold is very severe as it can crack easily if the proper care is not taken into. Many a times it bleeds and so as the pain occurrences. Therefore it is necessary to avoid direct exposure to cold. Other parts of the body like that of palm, feet, back and neck needs to be taken care of properly in these torrid winter times. Snow fall also tends to fade the complexion of the skin. In dry skin use very little soap. It is vital to deep cleanse your face. Use cold cream and olive oil to reduce the dryness. Before applying this it is essential to make deep cleanse. Take cotton deep in water, then squeeze it, then apply the cleansing milk and rub it on your face and neck. Use heated milk as it can close the pores inside skin. Use tomatoes to cleanse your skin. During night do the same but while washing in the night do not use water instead use we towel to tap to your face and in the morning times you can use water to deep cleanse your face. The wet towel should be drenched in hot water and then squeezed so that it will have very positive effect on it. After that if possible use skin-tonic mixed with almond oil is super beneficial and the massage should be at least for ten minutes so that the effected cream should penetrate into the skin.

Skin tonic can be ready made brought from the market or else can be naturally prepared at home. Take some marigold petals and then soak it in water, preferable in steel pot to make it hotter and then warm it on gas. It needs to be the luke warm and for this gas should be at seam condition. Keep lid on the top of the pot so that the stream does not escape. Take Vaseline and mix it with marigold and then heat it on the medium flame for at least half an hour. Then make it cool and after that it becomes your skin tonic which you have prepared at home with little effort. This is essential during the winter time. You can also make the home made cold cream it is easy. Peel a cucumber and cut it into small pieces. Take almond oil, Vaseline and put it in flame on seam. Heat it for over forty five minutes and ad in between the cucumber pieces .Stir slowly while heating.

Skin care in summer and winter

During the winter times the dry skin tends to lost its colour and with due course of massaging it can regain its colour. Bring out some hand lotion and massage other exposed part of body, it even prevents your skin from taking bath and also at kitchen. It is advisable to apply and gel the milk cream the main extracts of milk to fingers and wrist to keep them soft and tender. If you still feel dry then you can massage the olive oil, mustard or almond oil and then a good bath. Take sun bath before actual bath with water, while water bath the first shower preferably with warm water so that it will remove the tiredness in body and the skin. In this way it also augments the blood circulation inside the skin and it is helpful for healthy body and mind. A light application of Vaseline on the lip needs to be done before going to bed. Do not use soap too much and if your skin is oily then use it only once in a day. With dry skin the cleansing cream use is a must and it must be done as per above written procedures. For oily skin use skin tonic and it can be available as branded products or you can use it at home, the procedure is written above. Use luke warm water when necessary do not employ the water for this purpose. Just to bed massage your face with skin tonic or cold cream. If you use heavy make up then it can be supportive of pimples so try to use less make up on your facial. If you have the dry skin take water melon, pumpkin or cucumber in same quantity and then grind these with water, then apply the milk cream and leave it for one hour to cool and then use it on your skin to make it look more and more fresh.

In order to glow the skin then take mustard seeds and paste it with milk or water and then apply it on your skin to make it glow and also I reduces the drying of the skin. To make the massage light, you should apply water and vinegar and then use cotton and massage slowly to your face. Use cold cream for a light massage. While bathing add some olive oil into the water, this will give the glow to the skin and if you have dry skin then it is imperative to add olive oil or mustard oil or almond oil and then take some moment for sun bath and then bath with light luke-warm water and after some minutes take bath with cool water with olive oil. One more important home treatment especially for the dry skin is to take some olive oil, almond oil, un boiled milk and a pinch of sugar. The mix the mixture to make it more smoother paste and let it remain for fifteen minutes and then after drying on your face then wash it with luke-warm water and you will feel the freshness with it.

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