Thursday, July 26, 2012

Difficult to decipher acronyms

Some times at the school time it is always have been the great idea to decipher the acronyms word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name. It is many a times a fun to attend and sometime it is difficult to decipher also. All in all by coining all such phrases at some of the difficult circumstances can be much of funnier thing to attend and sometimes it can be unravelling hilarious interpretations of such words and their possibilities that can be very much appreciated to its fullest maxim. It is some time the creative mind that can catapult to the situations to pull it to the maxim and the real creativity starts afterwards. There are some of the real awkward words that can not be attended or participated and also in some other circumstances the real possibilities of attendance cannot be the underestimate statement that can be constituted in the same manner as and when it is meant to be. Take for the example there are some words such as that of KISS which in fullest term can also be deciphered as that of Keep Information Safe and Secret. One more word such as BLEAT such that of Blatant Lies Erode All Trust. Like in the modern era where there is the short messaging service as this can have some of the better understatement of making or breaking the word structure to a simple short hand style to suit the need for short messaging

and this can be very well established in the mobile as arena. It can be such of the usurping languages phenomena that once has been the phobia with that of Instant Messaging service with that of Yahoo Messenger as with it lots of new way to send and receive messages in the shortest and slowest possible communication at that time due to the limit of dial-up connectivity. In this way after much of the criticism in the media and also some other places there stands the language and now it is ubiquitous and the person who does not know about this feels a short of shame in their standings and they try to learn that languages all by themselves to go with the generation next ideas and passions. Similar is the case with the print Medias and especially with the vernacular print Medias when they try to coin the modern languages they have been stoutly criticized by the linguist and phonetic spheres as they have been straight forwardly rejected by then the so called masters.
Now it is the norm and we  all have been acquainted with these class of languages and it is surely for that in the last decade there has been many instances of new system and its integration with the languages and many pundits had also staunchly rejected this trend straight forward but in the aftermath of this these has been boomerang and bulldozed to them due to mass acceptance by not only the generation next but also their seniors and that has been the real surprise element to this and this has some of the capacitate acceptance that has been making it more and more social and it is generating the much required mass appeal and acceptance. In this way all in the history there has been the evolution of languages as these has not been done by the pundits as it is done through the local persons and the generation’s next and widely accepted and recognized by their respective parents and elders of that respective times. Some times at the class of science the teacher very particular on the particular configuration and even many a times it is all about the punctuations and other aspects and for this there has been many trends and also some times the teacher is nicknamed as venom and the original name just been dissimilated and the new name comes to the mind in place of it.
It is for sure no one does enjoy the toying with ideas and also coinage of the terms that can have some sort of not so typical permanent contributory elements to the subject and the basic idea of its building of the comprehension and the much required miles stones that has been going on has been in persistently attached to the matter of significance to it utter disdain and many a times it is making some sort of irrelevant configuration and attainment of some dissimilar advantages. These are not to be done deliberately sometimes many persons has also some of the persistent gifts and the ideas insist in it  and they can suo motto prepare within span of some seconds to be excited and to be known to many so that these can have some sort if identical anomalies.
It is the favourite past time in the school to devise and to make up for the name and their abreactions as this has twice effect on the semantics of phonetics as on one side this can have some sort of friend language and it can only be known between the friends and also on the other hand this can have some other effect such as friends can be alerted when the teacher the science teacher especially venturing into the class and so that all ours class fellows will be alerted about it and everything will be normal at the class before the science teacher reached stormily into the class and the teacher must be sense something wrong in the class and the determination can be seen but we have been passionately following this and for this it is  time to beat the time and for this we have to break the semantics and clear and ferment the new phenomena in the sphere of something unknown and that too has the must have tendency to surpass the maximum and we have to consider the space and distance in between it.
Some times the class exercise teacher has been codenamed as the VOA the voice of America and for this we have to communicate with our friend circle about such that it can be known only to use and for this we have to manipulate and try to communicate these words in some other phonetic sense and with it ours phonetic sense has gone far and we do know some time how these can be considered and uttered in the manner only better known to us and to our friends. These are some of the child like pleasures that has been in the child and at the school and still undergoing this phenomena when we talk to each other at some of the interval when we do meet after prolonged gap or flying through some of the journey and meeting with each other by chance or at the spurt of the moment. (Word count: 1138…)


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