Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Internet

As Gita Mehta famously quoted �The art of dialling has replaced the art of dialogue�. We were once in the era of dial-up when dialling internet gives us surprise and then we at best very happy to check ours email out and also do some of the basic tasks. Then, we reached at the age of faster internet and broad band when the internet became the art of dialogue, social sharing and many more opportunities. Internet is becoming a source of knowledge and surfing is fast attaining the status of habit. The e commerce transactions through Amazon, e-bay and the payment gateways through PayPal, Money brokers and so on. In this way internet becomes a super market where we can buy the goods, pay for it, and then receive it through desired locations. Now, the use of applications inside the web world through surfing, serving, storing, securing, managing and processing of related required information. Then the vast arena of websites which consist of web programming through basic internet requirements like that of Protocols, TCP/IP ,HTML, DHTML, Object Oriented Programming , Java, Inheritances, Threads, Input Streams and many more newer concepts like HTML5, Ajax and so on. How to be well aware of these modern technologies and how to cope with it and to keep oneself with time? It is simple, the learning, learning more and more, and use the internet to fetch the buckets of knowledge to garner and revive all useful internet languages.

The  internet

Now-a-days there is vast phenomena of using the internet over wireless technologies trough computer network internet connectivity. Bill Gates at �� The Road Ahead � was talking of igniting the images of the world by using the high speed internet , sometimes back and now it is fast becoming a reality. Not only at America or other places but in South Asian countries the number of broad band users thanks to the rapid growth of mobile internet has been on the rise. The web server, hosting service and the virtual private network are some of newer developments and by using some of good VPN you can increase the speed of internet and that is why these are famous. The importance of Java, and it usages across the board has been significantly on the rise and some of the big business organizations uses the Java applet to make the financial transactions. Then the arrival of Blogger form Google, which is now omnipresent with the good hosting and increase of speed and also free hosting and good search engine optimization technologies it is fast becoming darling of the masses. Here you can create, start, sync and assign yours priorities, make a group blog or a private blog and some of the older blogger are still to date very famous by using this plat form. The networking, internet and information technologies with advance web technology and Java is fast becoming renowned anticipation among the masses. Not only computer engineers are seriously studying these aspects but also some smart general graduates have raced among them ahead and they are earning some hand some amounts through internet by employing all these internet technologies to the proper place.

JavaScript is now omnipresent but its grievances is huge and to use it with cautions as it can reduce the load of the pages to a considerable extent and also it can be infections so use it with cautions and deep thinking. The Servlets, JSPs, Active Server Pages, Com provide vitals aspects for developing e commerce sites. With the increasing advancements of affiliates cultures and inter nodding the internet is vast becoming a selling ground for some popular products. On the internet the first significant task is networking. Why, it is because internet is itself a networking of computers and through virtual networking of website all the sites will be crawled exceptionally well and fantastic and through some basic mechanism we can simply understand that internet is itself meant for networking. In broad cast network no wire is connected, take for example the radio net work. In the point to point network the connection oriented network is based upon the connectivity. The technological instrument that makes all these a possibility is the internet and the World Wide Web. Entire global infrastructure is connected through some sophisticated networking instruments and still to date more and more research is being under taken to augment the internet connectivity more and more feasible and cheap. Through open system interconnection layer the application of one computer or the node is able to interact with the application of the other computers or some other computers and this system envisage the greater importance of connectivity and thus it plays the vast role of internet infrastructure. The intermediate layer is the transport layer and it is meant for the transport of nodes from one node to the other through pen system interconnection layer. For point to point internet connection TCP the transport layer protocol and for the broadcast wireless connectivity the UDP namely the user datagram protocol are assisting for this work. Each node of the internet has the Internet Protocol that is the IP address and the source and the destination is embedded within it.

Bridges comes to the picture when two dissimilar networks in the vicinity and two dissimilar applications run within them and it is more and more possible in the case of wireless application protocols. All these connect and then reconnect the vast internet network through out the world and thus making it as the internet we know for.

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