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Microsoft Xbox 360 reviewed

This generation of Microsoft gaming console is aimed at defeating the Sony’s Play Station by creating a competitive market in the gaming scenario. To regain supreme in the console gaming industry Microsoft is trying hard to regain the gaming market with some competitive improvements in the gaming circle. This is not easy for Microsoft as its core business value is always revolves around the basic concept of software making and generating multi tasking and other related tasks. Bill Gates gives responsible to two persons Microsoft VP Allerd and the former president of Sega America Peter Moore. Trough their innovation and partnership the Xbox 360 is a much improved gaming console and its working capacity ahs been immense wonderfully.

Hardware: It has Xenon processor, the focus was on delivering the good performance at a very affordable price. The prime motive of Allerd and Moore is not to capture the house hold market first; they want to create a good among all the existing users. They do not want it to be power horse but want it to be a superb performance oriented device. This processor has three cores with 32 KB cache of memory on each of the core and the clock speed was 3.2 GHz. Now the processor is changed and now it is called Falcon with minimum chips down to the 65 nm fabrication process thus the cost of production reduces and the size ha been scaled down considerably.

Xenos GPU: Microsoft uses ATI in its Xbox 360. It was based on ATI’s new r^)) architecture. Here the two major aspects of GPU hardware has been merged called the vertex and pixel. ATI put them in the same place to reduce the heat and the burnt of power consumption within the GPU. Sadly the out put broguth by ATI gives more heat and that brings the infamous Xbox 360 “Red Ring of death”. After some time this fault hs been corrected. The Xenos GPU has a core clock speed of 500 MHz and 10 MB RAM embedded wit it.

DVD Drive:

Xbox 360 has a standard specified DVD-ROM with at later stages Microsoft upgraded the Xbox 360 with Toshiba HD-DVD with an add-on updates to Xbox 360. Later on Microsoft paved the way for Blue ray DVD disc.

Microsoft Xbox 360 reviewed

Hard disc:

Then hard disc of Xbox 360 are in a proprietary Microsoft format and thus can not be augmented with higher limit of storage capacity. The core is called Arcade with built-in-flash memory. The higher end models of Xbox 360 come with high value of hard disc storage capacity.


The Arcade version does not permit the internet connectivity but the higher end version like that of the Pro and Elite Xbox 360 comes with Ethernet ports built in so you can connect with yours friends to play the game. A component cable and HDMI comes with the Elite version with headset included along with a very basic controller. The console has two USB ports at the front and one at the back side of Xbox 360. Two front mounted memory card slots meant for transferring the personal game data from one Xbox 360 to the other.

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