Sunday, September 16, 2012

They are looking for me

The Time Of The Lilacs
The Time Of The Lilacs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The winds has been in the hollowing zones and its sound emitting from it making the entire atmosphere severing with underfed feeling and also some sort of jubilant syndrome , noting to be heard about and the entire structural syndrome is just making the entire atmosphere in a very awkward congenial environment. The sounds seem to be matching from the woods but the origin of it cannot be traced into because of its similarity with the entire atmospheric structure. The sky seems to be not to be found here as it is full with trees and many big branches of trees that have been covered here and there. The wind is slowly getting its motion and it is fast approaching the night time. She while driving to the city nearer to the vast jungle happens to reach there because in search of water as the engine just been getting hotter due to long drive and the distance covered was half of it and still many more distance needs to be covered and that is why she wants the engine to be cool enough so that it will not be out of the order in the way while driving out. She reached here in the midst of the jungle by fault while searching for water, due to the dense forest she not able to recognize that the day is fast falling into the night’s fold and that is why even till she not recognizing that the night is already ahead, she feels that she is at the jungle and that is why it is dark out here and she has to bring water to make the engine cool enough o sustain for the rest of the journey.
In search for water she just crossed the deepest grudge of the forest and has reached the land of this areas where there is always a very less possibility to get it back to the main road and the more difficult part is that she not knew this and still searching for water  by going deep into the forest. The deepest gauge and the land she just crossed but she is concentrating only on one aspect that is to get the water to cool the vehicle engine and that is why she simply not able to remember the exact land and the passive location she is just been trying and still time she is not realizing and suddenly she heard some sounds of water.  This is heart breaking for her as what she is just been searching for now she gets it back and that is why she is now enchanting with joy, by capturing interest as if by fail , it seems that  it is failing over something and the furthest and the highest degree of utmost extreme and quality is being reveled here , the finest and the most superior quality is being demonstrated here. The passive occurrence and the straight minimization of the entire land structure have been scenic and it is very passionate and cannot be described as it can be experience with the whole heart and the mind into it.
She just stunned by the beauty of this scenic structure and it cannot be imagined as she is experiencing the beauty and now it is time to take the waster and run into the road from this wild so that she has to reach home in the morning as she has to drive through the road through out night in this long expressway road, it is time to get it started. She took enough water and now she looked at the sky as due to spring is running there is no tress out there and from here the sky can be seen with great desire and astonishment and for this she glanced at the sky, she observed it is night and full moon day and the entire arena is looking a silvery white as if it is under the snow and it looks stunning it is grabbing the commanding attentions, the jungle is around the stream and it is denser than even what can one imagining, it is causing and capable of creating the bewilderment and also in this process it is making the fear factor more and more shuttle and strange.
It is like sand bagging and it is striking and beautiful by downplaying one’s ability to imagine and go ahead, the entire structure is significantly making it to work more towards the symbolic advancement and its related pacific occurrences. She is now felt with emotive impact of overriding shock and apathy with the incoming of dizziness seems being knocked inconveniently by a heavy blow, slowly overcoming the astonishment and the belief and she is now realizing that it is night and she thought it is the day and that is why she is crossing it over and over to reach here and nothing to worry about. She is slowly dressing hr mind and now she is feeling the real danger of reaching inside the jungle and how to manage and cross it and how too safely vehicle must be many more questions that is running into her mind and that is why she is now simply scurrying and scuttling to the location. The entire road is now not visible, through she had the light in her hand but the mind is still not sure enough to cross and to cross a few simple steps she is not realizing how it should be done.
The entire atmosphere is serving with fear and the way it is catapulting into the minds of her cannot be said and discussed she is shivering with fear of vary unknown entities, her moral abominations are getting out of hand, she is feeling the fear from deep inside and she just feeling as if from every corner there is the fear latching unto her and how she will cross this barrier is the million dollar questions to answer.  She opens up her mobile to see whether the tower is there but sadly there is no tower and the entire network is nothing here and she is desperate and want to get in touch with family to let them know where about of them, the images of fear is rattling with due course of time and how to surpass and manage it is the sole part of the life she is to take and she is wondering how can she not knowing the entire journey to this state of the mind. The unassuming proportion seems getting out of the hand and the process is still making the matter to the worst parameters by making the entire process go beyond any sort of imaginations. The probability of passing all those imitations that are being running into and outside the mind is simply not withstanding the ideas that are being crippling into it and the way they are making it too run into the membranes of minds by going through different veins and structures cannot bedeviled and understandable.
There seems to be some shivering in her leg and she is now in deep trench of fear and she half closely looked at her feet to see one big spider is certainly nearer to her feet not touched hr but the way the fear and the mind is working it get to her that the dangerous spider with poisonous substances is being going to attack her so she had to be alerted and cautioned. The path to unknown can never be attained but the courage and the anticipations has to be getting into the perfect mold so much so that all these will be managing into the wonderful atmospheric understandings that has the rear quality to sustain and attuned into. The unending provocations can be very dangerous and needs to mitigated so that it will not be in some sort of bad situations and the route to the express way needs to be carefully meted out so that she had to concentrate on sounds of the vehicles so that she can catch the vehicles running in and out from here and this is very important for her to decide and be courageous. Slowly the exact surroundings is making it more and more difficult to understand and attain and for this entire situations is slowly wonderful to its maxim and that is why she has to grab the courage so that it will not be making any sense of bad feelings to her mind in the ultimate quest for tom reach the express way.
By concentrating all the courage into her mind she decides to stand in her own feet so that it will not be any sort of bad ideas that she is falling out as she has to stand and stronger and that is why she has to find the way out and for this the only thing she will be doing is to walk and stand and go beyond. This can be specific and in some other situations with all these basic parameters at hands these can have some sort of very dignified and glorifying experiences to make and let it  do the passion of making to work. How to reduce tension and the stress and the simple thing is to she stand and try to dance by murmuring some of her own favorite songs and that is why she is making all the tensions going and also she is also very much concerned that these sounds may be heard by animals that is why she just singing very slowly and that is why she is making the dance. She is also making ti to dance to hr own tunes that is making hr to move beyond and also she sees her mobile battery that is full and it is better to listen to songs by using her ear phone and then from the smart phone she just choose from her favorites beautiful music and then she walks into the road and in this way she has no fear to be from the outside and also with the songs and she is just walking with the tunes if her favorite songs this is to endure that she will to fall to the deep stress that is being carried out. In this way she will have to all by herself keep her moving from the denser forest to the express way to reach her vehicle. The process has just been started and it is for sure that t she will be reaching to the express way soon. She is very confident and that is why all the forces of strength is just been getting more and more stern and she feels she is at the correct side and that is why she is keeping the walk.
While looking here and there and listening to the songs she will have to be careful and also for this she will not have to make her heart weak and that is now she is getting the inner strength in the name of confidence and this is what it making it more and more prune to the positive side of the journey y for he ultimate search.  She glanced at the back side and confirmed that everything is fine here and nothing to worry about and then she started walking as it feels she is returning from some sort of understandable favorite places and that is why the entire walk is making her more and more feel at home. Now after a long walk it seems she is in the correct direction and sometimes it seems that the entire environment is revolving and it is she is standing still though it is not right but it feels such that and for it,  it is better to get back into normal mode and for this she has to concentrate herself and  get strength from the inner side to get the feel back and make some wonderful and amazing amendments to her practical spheres.


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